3800 series 2 EGR valve

So we are going to talk about 3800 series 2 EGR valve and their faulty EGR valve issues. Firstly we need understand few thing first is what the EGR valve is. And secondly we need to understand the 3800 series 2. And then we can talk about the faulty EGR valve issues. That’s how we can understand easily what we going to talk about. This is a more common issue for the people that use 3800 series. I will describe basic things first like what is EGR means. The meaning of EGR is exhaust gas recirculation that is the long meaning of EGR. Its look like a simple thing but it’s actually not simple. This is a crucial part on vehicle engines. But today we are talking about 3800 series engines. We are not going to talk about other engines. So let’s see what EGR do inside the engines.

So what EGR do in engines that a question that we all have. Basically EGR valve is in internal combustion engine. EGR works by recirculating a portion of exhaust gas from the engine back to the engine cylinders. EGR connects the exhaust manifold with the intake manifold. And it’s controlled by a built-in electric step motor or by a vacuum. Function of this valve use to control the high flow of the exhaust gas recirculated depending on the high load that the vehicle have. So this is the simple explanation to what is EGR I think you can understand it. So there some question that also people have I will reply to them also now. People ask that can they drive a vehicle without an EGR valve. Yes you can but not legally because driving without EGR is not environmental friendly. But your engine will not get harmed.

3800 series 2 EGR valve- what is 3800 series

Now we going to talk about what is the 3800 series 2. Let’s see what is the 3800 series 2 is. 3800 series 2 is the last engine line on Buick v6 engine series. It was dated back since 1961 one of the best engine series that had. The most popular on this series is series 2 and the series 3 those are undefeated v6 series. Those vehicles that have 3800 series 2 and 3 was made 1996 to 2009. The engine is discontinued because the manufactures couldn’t get the consistent quality. Because back then it was difficult to cast with aluminum blocks. This made the engine discontinued by the manufactures. This engine was loved by everyone back in the day. It even got awards for being the best engine. Best engine of the 20th century and two awards of best engine of the year from 1996 and 1997.

3800 series 2 supercharged? This is another question that most people ask. There was a supercharged version of this engine. It was L67 version this version of 3800 series was super charged. This version was appeared in 1996right after the normal version released. This engine are stocked with 260 horse power one of the highest back in the day. This engine handle 850 cranked up horse power easily. Later this 3800 series 2 is replaced by LZV 3500 OH V6. It was sad to see that engine that good like this getting replaced. 1997 to 2003 Buick regal was made with this engine. And also the Oldsmobile intrigue was also made with this engine. But the thing is Chevrolet cars also adapted the engine back in the days. Chevrolet impala, Chevrolet Lumina and Monte Carlo also adapted this engine. Now we can talk about the issues on EGR valve.

Faulty EGR valve issues

So now we going to talk about few bad EGR valve issues. These symptoms are caused by bad EGR so if you have these on your car I that means you need check the EGR. These are some little common issues that caused by EGR. I’m not going deeper into these I will explain the issues simply. I will explain how you can fix these later in another article. So now I’m only going to explain the issues. Some are explained and they have how you can fix them on some of my previous articles.

Check engine light error

So this is a common issue that starts with bad EGR system on your car. There are so many emission sensors in a car. Most of them to check your EGR if the EGR is stuck then you will get an issue. That issue is called faulty check engine light. If your EGR is bad that your check engine light will tell that you have an EGR issue. You will get this for excessive exhaust, misfires. So the best thing that you can do is taking the vehicle to a repair station.

Increased emission

This also a common issue that you will get with a faulty EGR. What is increase emission? Answer for this is smoke that comes out from the car. If you have a faulty EGR that means your emission will increase into high rates. EGR is made to control the emission exhaust if the EGR bad that means EGR can’t control the exhaust. If you have this issue the best thing that you can do is repairing the EGR immediately.

So today we talked about 3800 series 2 EGR valve. I think you got the idea. See you soon with another article. Bye for now.

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