Adjusting the steer control

Adjusting the steer control. Press the release lever on the left side of your steering wheel to unlock it. Adjust the steering wheel up, down, forward or back by pushing and pulling it. Lock the steering wheel again by pushing the release lever. Press the release lever. Locate the steering wheel release lever on the left side of the steering wheel. Once you find it, press gently to release the steering wheel and unlock it. This lever is usually right next to or below the steering column. It is usually about 10 cm long. On some electric vehicles, the steering wheel adjustment process is different. If you’re in a Tesla, tap Controls Steering, then use the arrows to move the steering wheel up and down.

Adjusting the steer control: Adjust the steering wheel up down forward or backward.

Take the steering wheel and move it to the desired position. When the steering wheel is unlocked, grasp it with both hands and push down to lower it. You can also pull it up to lift it, or you can move it back and forth. Adjust the steering wheel so that the top of the steering wheel is approximately level with the top of your shoulder. Make sure your arms are relaxed when holding the wheel for perfect placement. As you adjust, make sure you can see your car’s dashboard behind the wheel.

Push the lever back to lock the steering wheel.

Lock the steering wheel again with the same release lever. Once you have adjusted the steering wheel to your liking, all you have to do is put the lever back in place. If the lever sticks slightly, move the steering wheel slightly while pushing the lever up.

If your position still doesn’t work for you, try playing with your seat instead of the steering wheel. Adjust your seat to slide forward or backward to find the most comfortable position for you.

Steering Control Adjustment – Check that the steering wheel is firm before driving.

Push and pull on the steering wheel to make sure it is locked. It’s dangerous to drive with the steering wheel unlocked, so do a quick safety check before driving again. Push, pull and turn the steering wheel to make sure it stays in place. If the steering wheel moves, push the lever down, then push it up again.

How to adjust the seat position

Depending on your type of car, you will have manual, power, or a combination of means of seat adjustment.

Adjusting the steer control – Manual seat adjustments

Front and rear seat adjustment bar. This bar at the front of the seat allows you to slide it back and forth by pulling it up. Some cars have a smaller bar or loop on the left or right only.

seat height and tilt adjustment handles

On the side of the seat, you’ll often find a rotary lever or dial that adjusts the tilt of the seat and the height of the seat. Moving the seat down often causes it to move slightly backwards.


More expensive cars tend to have a fully electric seat control that will adjust the seat back angle, fore/aft position, height, length, amount of lumbar and lateral support, and seat height.

Seat control Holden Astra VXR 2015

The controls above show a combination where the back and seat height are manual, but the lumbar and lateral support, as well as the bow and stern, are electric. Since seat motors are heavy and more expensive than manual methods, you’re less likely to find fully power seats in sports cars where weight saving is a priority, or economy cars where price is important. 

Adjusting the steer control – Move the seat to the correct position

Start with the height of the seat, as this tends to adjust the fore and aft position of the seat. To some extent this is a personal preference and mostly depends on your height – shorter riders will need to have the highest seat. If the seat is too high, your head could brush the ceiling, and if the seat is too low, it reduces your visibility. The only benefit of having the seat low is that it’s a little easier to feel what’s going on in the car because you have a lower center of gravity, but if you’re not a racing driver it won’t matter. If you have your seat too high, you may have trouble seeing out the rear window. If you don’t know where to put it, put it in the middle.

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