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So today we are talking about best honda motor to turbo. Im going to explain this simply to you in this article so wait until the end. The Honda engine is a perfect example of a super efficient. Modern engine designed to provide excellent intake and exhaust gas flow. Nothing uses this better than a turbo. The basis of turbocharging is that it uses exhaust gases to spin a wheel inside a turbine. This turbine, in turn, rotates and creates air pressure that is forced through the throttle body and intake manifold into the cylinder head. Honda engines love to breathe, but they also love a little help. Efficient Honda engines are perfect for turbocharging and the redline9 team will take some time to help you understand how the system works.

What you need to build your own turbo kit and what to look for when buying a ready-made turbo kit. We’ll also talk about superchargers and why we don’t recommend superchargers for Honda 4-cylinder engines.

Best honda motor to turbo – replacing the K-series with a Civic

The cutting-edge technology that powers the new i-VTEC mechanism of the K-series engines first appeared in the Honda Civic EP3 Si. B-series, but the K20 is without a doubt at the forefront of Honda engine changes. For more information on the K Series, see our guide What is K20? here. Available on many Acura and Honda vehicles, the K20A is found in the early 2002-2004 Acura RSX Type S, after that year the K20Z1. Many of the new K-series engines also came with a larger displacement engine, the 2.4L K24. for a powerful power-to-weight ratio.

The new i-VTEC variable valve technology is what pushes these K-series models up the list. Available with entry-level 2.0-liter engines with 197 hp, you can find JDM versions that can exceed 220 hp in factory form.

Why trade K-Series for Civic Works: As the next step in Honda VTEC technology, the K-Series enjoys the backing and support of aftermarket companies. If you need a part or modification that you’re not sure about, it’s easy to find information on replacing a K-series engine.

Replacing H-series with Civic

The black sheep of the Honda engine family has experienced a recent renaissance as the transition from the H-series to the Civic has been given new life with the H2B powertrain conversion. The use of a B-series transmission allows the H-replacement Honda to take advantage of a wide range of B-series transmission components such as flywheels or clutches.

In addition, the shorter gear ratio and many aftermarkets for the B series make this mod one of the most popular modifications for anyone who owns a Honda sold under the H program. You can find H series engines on Honda. Prelude, from 1992 to 2001. Why an H-series swap on a Civic works: You have much more displacement available, and an H2B or H-series swap is also smog-friendly for those who live in California or Arizona. With a few tweaks and engine tweaks, getting over 220 horsepower isn’t that hard.

Best honda motor to turbo-How does a Honda turbo work?

Since the factory Honda is not designed to be used with a turbocharger, certain steps must be taken to prepare the vehicle to receive the boost. Honda engines are very powerful and can handle a decent amount of power. The trick is in the air. We absolutely recommend good tuning and a good ECU to help regulate all the systems in the car. We are not going to go into specific ECUs, add-on or standalone systems, but we do not recommend using them. The main things the ECU has to do is adjust the timing and make sure you have enough fuel.

What type of fuel system do I need?

Like timing, Honda’s turbo fuel system is really dependent on your engine’s flow characteristics. The amount of boost you are using, the size and efficiency of your turbine, etc. We recommend a high pressure fuel pump, properly sized fuel injectors, proper methods for maintaining and controlling fuel pressure, and always having enough fuel to ensure never an accident. or the chances of running out of fuel.

Best honda motor to turbo – Series B Turbo (B16 B17, B18, B20)

The final configuration is the B-series turbo (B18C1 GSR or B16A2 Si engines work well). The B16 is slightly smaller at 1.6 liters but can produce nearly the same amount of power for less money than the B18. B16 will spin higher and produce less torque than B18. The B18 would be our choice for the best turbocharged Honda engine.

FAQ-Which engine should I use?

It depends on your power desires. For those who want to run 250-300 horsepower as cheaply and safely as possible, we recommend the D series. For those who want to go 300+, we recommend the B series. Can you run a 300+ with an engine? RE series? Of course. But after about 300 euros, it becomes more expensive than the B-series and is generally less reliable.

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