Blinking check engine light chevy

So today I will explain the Blinking check engine light chevy issue. I will explain everything that you need to know about this and steps to follow what to do when this happens. So lets start up the engines. Each car is equipped with power tools and features to ensure that the car’s complete systems are working properly. A flashing “check engine light” is one of those signs that alerts you when there is a major or minor problem with your car and demands your immediate attention. Whenever the check engine light comes on, many of us who are unfamiliar with automotive know-how follow the same stereotype of going to a mechanic for a diagnosis.

Imagine how much money you could save if you knew her secret to managing everything effortlessly. Also known as a “malfunction indicator”, this light indicates that there is a problem with the car and that you can fix it yourself. Contrary to its name, it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your engine. The reason behind this can be as trivial as a loose gas cap or as serious as a faulty catalytic converter. Below are some easy and proven tips to get rid of this problem effortlessly. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert in automotive science, as long as you know a little about it, you can do the job.

Blinking check engine light chevy – Get an OBD scanner or reader

For those of you without the technical knowledge of a vehicle’s computerized systems, an OBD On Board Diagnostic scanner is a device that automatically receives signals from faulty parts in your car and displays a code detailing the exact problem. In other words, when the OBD scanner/reader is turned on, it generates one or more five-character error codes that guide you to determine which part is having the problem. OBD scanners are available at auto stores or you can order them online at Amazon at a very affordable price. It could cost around $50 to $60, which is much cheaper than calling a mechanic every time this problem occurs.

Find your code in the OBD scanner

Just below the steering wheel is a junction box where you can plug in your OBD reader. This is called an OBD connector. For safety reasons, please turn off the car engine before turning on the OBD scanner. Switch on the ignition and press the “Read” button on the scan tool. The device provides a list of codes that you can use to find and possibly fix the problem. You can go further by testing each code. But before that, you need to understand what the code explains.

Blinking check engine light chevy – Search the code on Google and understand what it means

Each trouble code generated by an OBD scanner has a specific standard that is followed to decipher its meaning. Please refer to the following table for the structure of OBD diagnostic codes. In the age of the Internet and the World Wide Web, information about everything in the world is just a few mouse clicks away. You can easily find where the problem occurs by typing the code into Google. If you are still not satisfied with the results, you can seek advice from an expert on the forum to solve the problem. Relax and patiently try to explain the line chalk speech on the subject. You can include the car model and make to further enhance your trouble code related searches.

Fault diagnosis

You have now generated trouble codes with explanations and a step-by-step diagnostic guide. Our next pointer is trial and error. If you’re not sure about doing it yourself, you can ask someone who has experience handling vehicle parts. Don’t panic, you can usually do it yourself easily. Mechanical technician repairing and checking light motor vehicles. Many times this code indicates the replacement of some spare parts in the car. If you can replace that part with a new one, you’re done! You will succeed in the diagnostic mechanism. This step is as easy as ABC by keeping your car’s owner’s manual handy and referring to the instructions online.

Blinking check engine light chevy – Clear the code and reset the scanner

You may be wondering why your check engine light “comes on” or keeps flashing even after fixing the problem. We need to completely reset the OBD scanner to tell the computer that we have diagnosed a fault.

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