Buick regal oil change

So we starting talk about Buick regal oil change first we want to know what is Buick regal is. So regal is upscale midsize car that manufactured in 1973 by Buick. It was made as a luxury personal car in 1973. It was offered in both coupe and sedan forms. But in 1997 it became sedan only vehicle because personal luxury design was declined by the market. So you might think current models of Buick is good. So if we take the last model of this car the 2020 Buick model as an example. It is actually car that the worth you paying this version came with two types. One is the regal tourX the wagon model of this car. And the other one is regal sportback it’s the hatch back version of this car. The both types are actually very decent and worth buying.

So you might think why they stop manufacturing. The main reason is Buicks regal sales were downed by 20% year by year. So the current owners of Buick was GM. Due to the crash on market GM decided to discontinue the Buick. So as a result the last model was the 2020 model and GM stopped manufacturing Buicks regales. So the GM only make Buick SUVs to the current date. Regal was a good luxury car that people get. It’s so sad that this happened to the model. So you might own a regal so as the topic let’s talk about Buick regal oil change.

Buick regal oil change easy tips how to start first

So if we starting to talk about this you need to know when you need to change the oil. You don’t want to change the oil too late or too early you need change it on right time. So let me tell you how to know you want to change the oil. All 5th and current generations were equipped with a computer system that indicates the oil change. So it’s not that hard like old model cars. When the life time of your oil is up the regal will pop up a massage. That you want to change the oil like change the car oil within next 1000km. so if your massage doesn’t pop up or you are using an old model. We suggest that you must change your oil at least a year. Or if your system got reset change oil after 500km.

How can you check the oil levels? On regal

So if you wonder how can I know the oil level. I’ll explain about that now it’s not that hard simple but you need to do it right way. So as the manufactures general motors suggest that owners must check the oil limits on every 650km. It’s true you must check them around 650km you need take good care of your vehicle. Follow the steps and prevent engine leaks. So first you must park the car at leveled are and you must turn off your car for 3 hours. Secondly you need to pull the dipstick using a hoop or something you have. Then clean it and push the dipstick all the way back. So for the third step remove the dipstick again and keep the tip down and check the oil level. If the oil below the hatched area add 1qt recommended oil and yore good to go.

How to change the oil on regal

You going to change the first you need the tools let me explain what exactly what you want. First thing that you going to need jack and jack stands to raise your car. Use jack stands you want them if they don’t want you don’t need to use them. And next you want latex gloves for your safety and keep you away from chemicals. Next you want a funnel with a funnel you can remove oil without making a mess. Then you need an oil draining pan to collect the oil that you going to remove. You also need an oil filter wrench to loose your filter. Then comes the wrench, you need it to remove your drain plug box end or for the socket type. These are the all tools that you going to need. Make sure you have new oil, filter and a washer to drain plug.

So then you have all the tools that you need. Next you need to cool off your car for few hours. Then you want to raise your car use stands for your safety, make sure safety comes first. Then let’s start changing the oil. If you need to take off the undercover then you can take it off most cars doesn’t have undercover. This only if you have one. You need to find the filter and the drain plug. Then position the drain pan you need to position it before you drain the oil. Then slowly remove the filter cap and use the gloves. Need the gloves now because you’re removing the drain plug. You need gloves because oil might be hot and you need to keep your hands away. You need to watch out the drain plug and if you want to replace the washer.

Make sure old one doesn’t stuck on the drain plug. Then after the draining done you need remove old filters and add new ones. Old filters might get stuck with the time reason is sealing gaskets swelling. So use rags to clean oil and pay attention to the seal. So next you need to apply new filters. You need to spin the O-ring gently until it gets to the sealing surface. Gently spin it until it tighten mostly you need spin only 3 quarters. Then the only thing left is adding oil. Then get the recommended oil and add recommended amount to your vehicle. Most vehicles recommend amount is less than a quart so pay attention to it. After adding oil turn on your car for one minute. After that check the oil limits and is there any leaks. So today you learned about Buick regal oil change.

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