Can you survive a car fall

Can you survive a car fall first, stay calm. Hanging off the edge of a cliff can be scary, but the calmer you are, the clearer your head will be as you make your escape. If you start to panic, take a few deep breaths and try to focus on your surroundings as you prepare to evacuate the car. Try not to make sudden movements. Unless your car is going off the cliff, take a few minutes to plan your escape. Stop what you are doing if you feel or hear slight movement. If you feel, hear or see a slight movement, stop what you are doing immediately. Although your instinct may tell you to jump out of the car, you may accidentally speed up the car and push it off the cliff faster.

Staying still during small movements is especially important if there are other passengers in the car. Even if you jump out of the car, they may not react in time to escape the sudden acceleration. If you detect more pronounced movement or movement that does not stop immediately, flee as quickly as possible while alerting other passengers.

Can you survive a car fall? keep your foot on the brake

If you stopped with your foot on the brake pedal, keep it depressed until you can apply the parking brake. Your brakes may be the only thing keeping your wheels from rolling off the cliff. Apply the parking brake. Slowly pull the brake handle and stop if you detect a slight movement. Once you have engaged the parking brake, take your foot off the brake pedal while again observing movement. On some cars, the parking brake will only work on the rear wheels. If you feel movement when you take your foot off the brake pedal, find a large, heavy object to press on the brake as you walk away. You can, for example, put a large, heavy backpack or a bottle of antifreeze on the brake pedal if your parking brake only works on the rear wheels.

Move center of balance

Recline your back. Reclining your seat will move the center of gravity of the car’s engine toward the rear of the car. Once you’ve secured the brakes, locate the recline button on your seat and pull back to prevent weight imbalance as you move. This will reduce the chances of the car tipping forward and going over the edge of the cliff. Open the windows of your car. Roll down all car windows in the front and rear seats and ask passengers for help if necessary. This will give you and your passengers more escape options if you can’t reach a door low to the ground or if the car starts to move suddenly. If you can’t get the window down and you can’t get to a safe door, break the windows with a small object like a wrench or screwdriver.

Can you survive a car fall? Turn off the vehicle and unlock the doors.

Turning off the car will prevent any jerky movements or vibrations as you escape through the exits. Take time with all the passengers to unlock all the doors so you can quickly evacuate the car. If you don’t take the time to unlock the doors, you or another passenger may try to force them open, causing jerky movements. It is also important to unlock all the doors if some of your passengers are children and they may not remember to do it themselves.

Alert authorities and paramedics

Almost everyone keeps a cell phone handy when traveling so they can easily call emergency help. Unless you are sure that the other driver or someone at the scene reported the accident, make sure you know for yourself that help is on the way. The police will want to take a statement from you to complete their report, and it’s always a good idea to get proper medical attention after a collision.

Can you survive a car fall – Keep calm and stay in your vehicle

As a safety measure, people involved in car accidents should stay inside their vehicle. Circumstances may vary, but as long as the car isn’t smoking or burning, it’s a good idea to try and move it to the side of the road. Keep your seat belts fastened and turn on your hazard warning lights while waiting for help to arrive. If you are in shock, you can aggravate your injuries by moving immediately after the accident.

Prepare the elements of an emergency preparedness kit

It’s never wrong to be prepared for an accident, even if you’re lucky it never happens to you. A few basic items stowed in the backseat or in the trunk will make the wait more comfortable and ensure you have the information or tools you need. Exchange important contact details and insurance details with the other driver.Find your pen and paper in your kit and take important notes about the accident. You should also exchange your contact details, vehicle and insurance information with the other driver while you are able.

Not admitting fault or trying to blame it

Regardless of the attitude displayed by the other driver, never engage in a conversation about the incident. You can make a false admission on the spur of the moment, again reducing your chances of making a deal. It is the job of the police and insurance companies to ultimately decide the cause of the accident.

Can you survive a car fall – Understanding your auto and health insurance policies

The naive belief that owning a car insurance policy will guarantee that you will be fully covered will lead to a rude awakening in the event of an accident. Pay attention to your coverage plan so you don’t have to pay to get into an ambulance or have your vehicle towed. If your policy doesn’t have the benefits you think are essential, get additional coverage before something happens.

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