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So today we are talking about car vent selector not working issue. And we going to give you some tips to fix this as well. In fact, he must have completed situations in which he found that the ventilation selector of his car does not work, especially in the cold winter months. If you encounter such situations, the first thing you should do is not panic and play with the sector button. There are ways to solve this problem, and we will help her solve this problem. We know that automobile ventilation holes provide a flow through a coherent flow of the environment in a car. Therefore, the internal atmosphere of the car is still pleasant. A car ventilation ventilation selector helps you choose ventilation modes, such as recirculation mode or fresh air mode, depending on your choice.

Why car vent selector not working – Further explanations

If a car ventilation selector does not work, he has reason to worry about it! But, first of all, you must check what is wrong? The diagnostic procedure will take a step forward to the desired solution. Therefore, we will discuss the reasons that cause the problem of ventilation selector when a solution is detected for them. But before that, why not look at the operation of the automotive air ventilation system?

So, if I explain even more. In fact, automobile ventilation holes help freely inside and outside their car and offer a pleasant atmosphere. To control the ventilation of the car, it comes with a selector, which allows you to choose various modes depending on your needs. But sometimes you will find several problems in selectors, such as any other component of the vehicle.

This may be concerned, and you can find out why the car ventilation ventilation controller does not work or does not work or possibly. Yes it is! In this highlighted article, I will explain what the main reasons for this problem and some possible solutions are.

Why car vent selector not working – How does car ventilation system work?

The automotive ventilation system guarantees a pleasant internal environment, even with closed windows. In this system, the air is included in a larger channel, which is mainly in the front of the car, so that the entrance point remains in the high pressure zone. Then go into the radiator to heat the air, if necessary. Wells and front ventilation on the board help to enter the car in the air. You can configure ventilation holes for the optimal position, while you can also choose temperature control. In the external environment there is a weekend ventilation holes on the rear of the car.

So it’s quite simple how the overall system works! How we studied your work procedure. Now we can focus on the problem of the ventilation selector and its solutions.

Why car vent selector not working – Problems that will lead to this

The problem of the vacuum line

Sometimes an empty line causes this problem. The vacuum line is incorrectly connected to the selector valve, which raises the problem. In addition, this will occur from the broken or bad cables. The temperature control doors and air ventilation are still joining, which creates this situation. In addition, if ventilation always blows in the front ventilation holes and windshield only when the selector button is pressed. This indicates that he has a problem in the vacuum line and may be a gap in the line.

Failure in fan selector

Another reason why its car selector has a problem is that sometimes a fan speed selector works, but the ventilation opening selector works like a temperature selector. Sometimes it works well and is sometimes stuck in a position, and you have to cut the fan to change it. In addition, you can hear that it is very blown, but the air is going very badly.

Bad Mode Actuator

The driving mode controls the vehicle ventilation hole. This system indicates that the provisions of the air ventilation hole determine where the air breathes. If there is an error in mode, you will notice that you are stuck in the same place and that you cannot change the position. To do this, the fans will not work.

Why car vent selector not working- how to fix these issues

The problem of the vacuum line

If it is simply a problem with the connection, simply connect the valve with an empty line that will solve the problem. But it will have problems if the cable is broken. To do this, you need to change the cable and replace it with new ones. Always wet cable contacts will correctly reduce the link problem.

Bad Mode Actuator

You can use the diet controller for precise diagnosis of the problem. To do this, you can get a “service control engine” or other servo units that allow you to check the problem. First, you must manually check whether the unit is defective or not. To do this, move the saber manually and eliminate the servo control of the mode. If it moves when the diet changes, it means that you should change the failure of the defective diet.

Failure in fan selector

You must extract the panel to solve this problem. First, three screws have been removed, which are used to maintain the fan. After having removed them, he held out his hand through the door / sabotage and the body. The air flow can be stuck due to the fact that the door has broken and fell on the top of the fan, which is the cause of the air flow limit. You must now carefully remove the bottom door, then put 3 m on the side with 100% silicon, which makes an obstacle to the entrance to the entrance air.

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