Chevy truck dies when put in reverse

Today we are talking about Chevy truck dies when put in reverse. This is one of the most ask question by Chevy truck owners. Basically there is two main Chevy trucks as well. Chevy is building two main trucks for their company. Both of those trucks won truck owners heart but with the time vehicles got some main issues. Those issues doesn’t actually affect the market of vehicles but cause some major review drop down. So the main two types of trucks that manufactured by Chevy was Silverado type trucks and Colorado type of trucks. Silverado was one of the most sold truck from all truck types. From all those trucks Chevy Silverado 5500 was built as the heavy duty truck for truck market. From all those trucks Chevy 1954 half ton truck wins the most popular truck award. So as I said there was few issues on the vehicle.

The main issue that we going to talk is Chevy truck dies when put in reverse. But there are some few more issues that you need to know before you buy a truck. I will explain them to you simply. These are the most reported or common issues that you can find on Chevy trucks. One of the most reported issue on this vehicle is engine cooler issues. Mostly with the time the vehicles engine cooler won’t work properly. That will lead vehicle to have major engine heat issues. Another thing that mostly reported is the transmission issues on truck. This issue is mostly reported on Colorado type trucks as well. One of the most common issue that reported is the Drive system issue on Chevy Silverado. Silverado doesn’t reported many major issues on their model but there few reported issues. So these are the main issues that reported.  

Chevy truck dies when put in reverse – explained

So now we are talking about the main question that we need to talk about. And it is Chevy truck dies when put in reverse. Basically this is a common issue on trucks there can be some various problems can cause this issue. Mainly this happens when you put the vehicle to reverse or drive. Your car will suddenly shut off when you do those things. So basically the issues that can cause this is simple. Most people get confused and panicked when this situation happens. There are not too much info about this that is the main reason that truck owners get confused when this happens. This issue can be caused by few simple issues like airflow errors, vehicle battery errors. Like these issues are the simplest ones as well. So in this article I’m going to talk about the main issues that can cause this situation.

Chevy truck dies when put in reverse – issues that can cause this

Transmission leaks

So the first issue that can cause this is transmission leaks. Basically the transmission fluid is the main fluid that lubricate the system. Transmission fluid is the thing that keeps you trucks transmission system active. They play a major role on your vehicle as well. Because of this your vehicle will run smoothly without any issues. Also this provide power to your transmission system as well. So basically leaks on transmission system is one of the most common issue that you can find on a vehicle. Basically this is one of the simple case as well. But if you don’t fix it this can lead your vehicle to major issue. Then the fixing this issue can cause lot of money waste. So the best thing that you can do is taking to fix the issue when you first saw is.

So how you can find you have fluid leak on your transmission system. You can spot red oil leaks under your vehicle. That means your truck have transmission fluid leak. Then fixing the leak will also solve the issue that your truck shuts down when put to reverse. There can be few spots that casing the leaks. The replacement can be changed by the spots. It can be the gaskets, pans or the bolts must be replaced. So if you spot oil leak please immediately fix the issue.

Torque converter

Another thing that may cause this issue is the torque converter. This one of the less reported case on trucks. But this also can cause the main issue as well. Mostly this can be caused in automatic transmission Chevy trucks. Basically torque system do is pressurizing the transmission fluid to get the power to shift the gears. If the torque convertor is broken or in bad condition it will not able to provide the necessary power to your truck. That will cause immediate shut downs on your vehicle. Mainly when you put the gear in to drive or into reverse. Only thing that you can do is replacing the torque convertor. It’s not good to repair it because the issue can be start again after few weeks if you repair it without replacing.

The air control valve

So what is air control valve basically the air control valve is the thing that controls the air flow. It decides how much air must your engine needs. Air flow system keeps your trucks engine heat on low level as well. The idle rotational system is controlled by this system as well. So basically if the valve is in bad shape or blocked your truck will not get necessary air into the engine. That will cause issues like overheat and some others as well. If it happens your truck will immediately get shut downed. So if the air control valve is in bad shape the best thing you can do is replacing it. If it blocked you can easily clean it. After that your problem can be solved easily.

So this is the end of the article we talked about Chevy truck dies when put in reverse. I think that you got a good idea from this. So see you soon bye for now.

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