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So now we going to talk about how to fix different types of car damage. First thing that we need to understand is what are the common types of car damages. Before that we need to see how you going to damage your car. So you might bought your car newly and you’re driving it safely. Or you use your car for like five years and it got through some rough times. For five years of driving you might got into some little accident. The damages that you get from them are the common car damages. They might be bends on your car or paint scratches. Most common damage on car is actually door dents. If you got 10 car owners for an interview 5 of them got door dents. For the most reported one is paint scratch 9 people got this from every 10 cars.

So now I will simply describe some most common car damage, so you can understand what they are. For the first one let’s see dents and dings. Dents are big size places that bent inwards in your car. Paint damage also occurred with dents. But dings means the dame but slightly small holes that you have in your car. Dings can rust quickly than dents they are more dangerous. So for the next one let’s see what a collision damage is. This comes when you got into accident like you hit a car or something. Dent bumpers, crashed hoods are considered as collision damages. So the thing is you might drive slow as you can bumped your car into another car. Or bumped into wall or something that also can give your car a collision damage. Collision damages can happen to your rear or front side of the car.

How to fix different types of car damage- paint damage

So paint damage is something that you also can fix at home if you have correct tools. You can get paint scratches buy collision or bumping your car in to hard dirt. There only five steps you need to follow if you have a paint damage and you trying to fix it. Let’s see how you can fix your paint damages by your own. For the first step you need to do is clean your car you need to full clean your car. You need to wash your car perfectly, there must be no dirt marks left on your car. Specially clean the area that has the paint damage clean that place using shampoo. Then you need to prepare the area tape newspapers or something on the undamaged area. Then you need to use a rubbing or cutting compound on the damaged area. Do now first step is done.

Next step is applying the color coat you need choose right correct color for your car. You can apply the color coat by using a spray or a brush both ways are ok. Just keep the paint level below the sounding color coat. Then leave it around 30 minutes and it will get perfectly dried. Third step is applying the clear coat after the 30 minutes start applying your clear coat. And let it also dry for 30 more minutes. And now we can move for the fourth step it is flattening the area. You need a grit wet and dry sand paper then cut all sides perfectly don’t go too far. Just smooth the area don’t do it too hard. Next we can go for the last step finishing it up. Use a polish to finish your work give it a professional look and wax it up.

How to repair body damage

So now we on repairing cars body damages. This is something that most people have that can they repair car body damages. For this I’m going to say you can repair it at home if you have the professional knowledge. If you don’t have that I recommend that you must take your car to a repair station. Reason is if you do this by your own without knowledge. This can lead your vehicle into a massive rusting situations. So I will describe simply how professionals so this at their places. We can talked about the most common body damage dents. So at repair station there is two ways that dents are fixed. First one is paintless dent fix. They do this if your paint is still intact without a damage. They just fix the dent and will leave the paint along.

Other one is repaint dent fix for this they repaint after they fix the dent. Mostly they will do this when the paint on dent also damaged. Or you can say I want in this way and they will do what you asking for. When it comes to large sized dents they will remove whole panel and replace with a new one.

Do you need to be concerned about small damage on the body of car?

So when it comes to small size of body damages on the cars most people doesn’t care. Is it ok to not care about those damages because they are small. Absolutely not even it a small damage that can lead your car into big problems. As an example if your car has a small dent and you choose to not care about it. That small dent will rust with the time first it will be a small rust. But it can rust the whole area of your car. You not concern about the small one after months you will need take care of big rust dent. That will cost you so much money. Even they also can make holes on your car. So be concern about those small damages. That will come handy with the time your car will have a long life.

So today we talked about how to fix different types of car damage. So we will meet again with a new article and a new topic. Bye for now see you soon.

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