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We are going to talk about dodge ram 1500 no electrical power issue. In this article I will try to give answers to your questions. We going to talk about how you can fix your no power issue on dodge ram. This might cause by few issues we will go through main issues that will cause this. Mostly this can happen because of battery failures. That’s the most reported case on this situations al around the world. But also ignition switch failure or a bad alternator also can cause this issue as well. In most of cars actually battery and the alternator is the ones cause this issues. Mainly alternator is the one first going to failure. Then the whole electrical system will fail. And that will force the system to power down immediately. Before us going to talk about the issue we need to talk about the vehicle.

So what we need to know about dodge ram let explain a little bit. Dodge ram was manufactured by the former Chrysler group in USA. They are currently named as Stellantis North America. The dodge ram was manufactured in 1980s. They were called as dodge ram until 2010 currently they sell as ram pickup. This trucks are full sized pickup truck series that won most Americans heart. In 2010 they also change the brand of the trucks to ram trucks as well. And now this vehicle is sold under RAM logo in the vehicle too. Older rams are made as a line of dodge light trucks by the way. This vehicle have so much power on it. And it not joking when it comes to heavy truck duties. This truck also won the truck of the year in so many vehicle magazines. So now let’s see about the issue.

Dodge ram 1500 no electrical power how to fix this

So you’re a ram owner and your ram 1500 is causing power issues on the vehicle. You might get no cranks on your ram 1500. Or you key get stuck on ignition switch as well. So these are the most common issues that ram owners get. There is no big things to do when this happen their few steps that you need to follow. These kind of issues can be fixed at home. You don’t need to go to the repair station for repairs. So if you ever ran into this kind of issue we will teach you how you can fix this easily. So if you’re not a ram owner a key stuck in the ignition might sound funny to you. But believe me this is issue that most ram owners will get into. First you will try to turn the key but it might not work.

Because there is no power on the vehicle. When someone say no power on the vehicle first thing everyone get flashbacks of battery. You might question yourself how the battery died very fast way. Or you might think something else as well like the gearbox. So the first thing that you can do is getting your booster package. Then you need to wait and see what happens for few minutes. Basically you can take the key back out again. If still there is no power on the vehicle. You need to pull the battery out and full charge it. Then clean the terminals and put it back in. Mainly remember that you also need to clean the corrosion out of every single connector. . And also you can replace the battery too. If this also don’t work when you try I will explain another thing that you can do

Check fuses

If your ram still doesn’t start check these steps.  First you need to check the fuses of your vehicle. You need to go through every single fuses your truck. If the fuses doesn’t that mean you truck have less power. Basically if ignition doesn’t give enough power to fuse the vehicle will not start. You need to get the power to the IPDM. And you can do this by plugging the test lamp into the negative terminal. And touch the contacts that way you can find if the power is coming or not. Doing this will cause some fuses to work back again easily.

Check the fusible link

After the fuse you need to check the fusible link that’s comes as a 20amp link. Only thing that you need to do is making sure that this still in good condition. Check the all connections are plugged in if they don’t you can plug them in easily.

Plugs connected with ignition node

You will notice something when you put the keys is that the park, revers and neutral is on. Then you need to check the plug that connected to the ignition node. You need to make sure that it doesn’t have broken vires.  Or check is it accidently unplugged. So to do this you need to look for the screws underneath the bolter. Then take those two screws out easily. then you can remove the cover easily. This will expose the ignition node.

Ignition node

So you need to take of the ignition node easily and simply. To do this you need to remove few T20 bolts. Then you can open the ignition node and you need to clean it. Then take off the two T15 bolts out from the back of the ignition case. And then you will see two tabs. After you unlock it you can easily get the ignition node. Then you need to check the node is it in good condition. If it not in good condition don’t worry about that. You can clan it well and look is there any connectors damaged. If there is give it a little bit repair and. install it back. Immediately after you get to home replace it with a new one.

Check for loose connections

This is the final thing you want do and it is checking for loose connections. You need look is there any loose connections on the truck. If you feel there is some loose connection you need to fix them ASAP. Some simple bumps can lose connectors so check them out.

So now you done everything to fix it. Next you need to turn on the car. And is the power is coming correctly. Turn on some lights and turn it off do this few times actually. And check the dash is it getting power. Then go for a test drive and, make sure that everything works fine. So that’s how you can deal with this issue.

So today we talked about dodge ram 1500 no electrical power issue. I think I gave you answers for your questions. See you soon, Bye for now my friends.

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