Does mustangs comes with twin turbo

So does mustangs comes with twin turbo. Many of my customers always ask me that do mustangs have twin turbos. For this shorter answer is there few types of mustangs some of them have twin turbo some don’t. So let me explain this for you guys. While drag racing is usually just for fun, this time around an important question is answered: which route is best for a powerful figure? Supercharged or twin-turbo? YouTube channel Officially Gassed answers that question by suggesting a 5.0-liter V8 as the basis for two Ford Mustang GTs that produce the same power in two very different configurations.

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Does mustangs comes with twin turbo – Supercharged Ford Mustang GT

The supercharged version is based on the pre-facelift Ford Mustang GT S550. It is also the more powerful of the two cars, developing 980 hp. and 730 lb-ft 990 Nm. Modifications include a Whipple Stage 6 supercharger, twin-duct aftercooler, timing chain tensioner, cranksets, linkage and oil pump, methanol injectors and a 3.31-speed Torsen differential. Power is transmitted from the rear via a six-speed manual gearbox. The Mustang GT weighs 3,637 pounds 1,650 kg. On the tire side, the mustangs is equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S road tires.

Ford Mustang GT Twin Turbo

We’ve talked about this car before as it’s the UK’s first twin-turbo Ford Mustang. It may have “only” 950 horsepower, but it has a bit more torque than a supercharged car: 800 lb-ft 1,084 Nm. Mods include the Hellion twin turbo kit, which features two 62mm precision turbos. The bi-turbo Mustang GT has the same carrier modules as the supercharged version, with the addition of an improved intercooler. However, it does not have methanol injection. It has the same curb weight of 3,637 pounds 1,650 kg and 3,637 pounds 1,650 kg. However, it has a six-speed manual transmission.

Does mustangs comes with twin turbo – Quarter mile and 0-60 mph times

Apart from the forced induction, the two machines are very similar. Here’s how it sounds on the track. Tom, the driver of a twin-turbo car, was the first to break down and ran out of power. Unfortunately, that translated into a less than impressive 0-60 mph 97 km/h time of 5.35 seconds. Owner of a supercharged Mustang. He was more aggressive from the start and accelerated from 0 to 97 km/h in 4.91 seconds.

Now it has become clear that sending such power to the rear is no easy task. With that in mind, here’s the time for a quarter mile. The supercharged car comes out on top, completing the quarter mile in 12.56 seconds at 128.84 mph 207.34 km/h. The twin-turbo Mustang again fell short of expectations, completing the quarter mile in 12.88 seconds and hitting 122.4 mph 196.98 km/h. So far, supercharged cars have proven to be the best way to build powerful builds, but drag racing can make all the difference.

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Drag race

For some reason probably to keep the gearbox intact, neither car made aggressive starts. However, there was a clear winner in just two races, with the supercharged Mustang beating the twin-turbo Mustang by two cars in race one and one and a half in race two. Twin-turbo Mustang. Although the supercharged car couldn’t move, it was enough to keep the twin-turbo Mustang in second place.

Does mustangs comes with twin turbo – Rolling race

Skipping the race would have given the twin-turbo Mustang the advantage. In this case, the supercharged car spins the wheels as it shifts gears, allowing the higher-torque twin-turbo engine to triple the lead and win the race. Interestingly, the second race was won by a supercharged car, even though it was less than the length of the car. The decisive third race was again won by a supercharged car towing two twin-turbo Mustang cars. It’s always interesting when less technical methods give better results. Compressors have more inherent disadvantages than turbos, in this case less torque. However, the winner of this battle between Mustang and Bronco was a car with a more responsive engine and more linear torque and powerband. Unfortunately, although both versions have their pros and cons, there can only be one winner.

I will explain a little bit more about mustangs and customizations before i end the article.So basically mustangs are muscle cars they comes with high horse power capacity. Twin turbo mustangs make more horse power than the normal ones. And also the price as well. Another thing that you can do is customizations. You can modify your normal mustang and give it a twin turbo as well. There many things that you can do with customizations. Only thing that you need to do is purchasing the right mustang to you. So this is all i gotta say about mustangs i hope you guys loved this. I will see you guys soon. 

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