ford adaptive cruise control problems

So what are the ford adaptive cruise control problems. When it comes to safe driving, Ford’s adaptive cruise control is a game-changer. Not only will this help you maintain an approved safe distance from other vehicles, but it will also help you control your speed on busy roads or highways. This improves the overall driving experience and reduces the likelihood of an accident.

Ford adaptive cruise control problems – How to Activate Ford’s Cruise Control

  • Press the ON/OFF button on the steering wheel.
  • Then move to the desired speed and press SET.
  • Release the accelerator and press the car icon on the steering wheel to set the required minimum clearance.
  • notes. There are four different gap options, from near to far. The more lines on the screen, the greater the distance.

When cruise control is activated, a green light with a clock, car and arrows illuminates on the dashboard.

How to Use Ford Cruise Control from Start – Stop

Adaptive cruise control simplifies driving by eliminating the need to constantly adjust the cruise control speed. It uses an intuitive system to automatically adjust speed to maintain a set distance from slower vehicles ahead. When traffic increases, cruise control resumes the set speed.

Press the up and down arrows on the cruise control switch on the steering wheel to set the distance. Use the short solid arrow above to decrease the next distance. Use the longer arrows below to increase the tracking distance. You can cancel at any time by pressing the brake or pressing the cancel button on the steering wheel. They will then restore the vehicle to the previously set speed and interval settings by pressing the “Resume” button.

  • There are four safe distance settings. One is the shortest available tracking distance, and four is the longest.

How to switch between traditional cruise control and adaptive cruise control

  1. Use the wheel on the steering wheel to select Driver Assistance from the car’s information display.
  2. Select Cruise Control > Adaptive to activate adaptive cruise control.
  3. Select Cruise Control > Normal to return to normal cruise control.
  4. How to Turn Off Ford’s Cruise Control
  5. Depress the brake pedal or cancel at the steering wheel. Consult your manual for the cruise control on/off button.

Which Ford models come with adaptive cruise control?

Not all Ford vehicles come with adaptive cruise control. Also, the feature may have different functions on different models. Below is a list of Ford models with cruise control standard or optional.

Ford adaptive cruise control problems – Troubleshooting Ford Cruise Control

The cruise control module may malfunction from time to time. When this happens, you must identify the problem before trying to fix it. This will allow you to determine if the problem is as simple as a fuse or vacuum leak.

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot cruise control

step 1

First thing you need to do is opening the fuse panel that placed under the steering wheel. Pull up on the fuse panel release lever and lower the fuse panel. For second step Then check the brake lights and cruise control fuses. You can find these fuses by referring to the diagram on the fuse panel cover. 

  • If the cruise control module fuse is blown or damaged, the cruise control system will not operate. If the brake fuse is damaged, the brake lights will not work.

Step 2

Start the vehicle and check the vacuum lines at the intake and brake booster for vacuum leaks. This air leak can cause the cruise control system to malfunction because the cruise control system cannot effectively control the speed of the vehicle. Also check for rough idling and “sucking” sounds from the engine bay during operation. This is also a sign of a vacuum leak.

Ford adaptive cruise control problems-  Step 3

Next, check the throttle cable for damage or wear, as this will also prevent cruise control from working effectively when operating the throttle. Then Finally, turn off the vehicle and disconnect the negative battery cable. Then, loosen the locknut on the negative battery cable and pull the cable out of the clamp. 

Remove the column cover, say Disconnect the electrical connector from the cruise control switch. And unscrew the bolt that connects the cruise control lever to the steering column. Check cruise control module and combination lever. Use the joystick to determine if the existing cruise control lever or module is damaged. Symptoms of a malfunctioning cruise control switch. This is a switch that controls various functions of the cruise control system. This switch is mounted on the steering wheel and contains all other cruise control controls. Damage to this switch may prevent cruise control from working properly.


So finally i have to say is its actually common to have issues with the cruise control on ford vehicles. Actually its common to all type of vehicles as well. Like every vehicle that has cruise control has issues with time. Best thing to do is getting mechanical support to your vehicle asap when you notice there is a issue. You can go to a specific place to your vehicle or you can get it done from any place. 

So this is all about ford adaptive cruise control problems. I hope that this will help you to get rid of your issue. See you soon with a new article.


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