Honda fit cylinder head removal

So honda fit cylinder head removal. In this article im going to explain two difference types of engines normal honda fit and 1.6L engine. I will explain this in usual way i do these at my workshop.  Remove the clubhead.Unscrew the rocker cover nuts or bolts do not overtighten them when modifying. The rocker cover can be fixed to the flange with bolts or nuts. Loosen the nuts or bolts securing the rocker cover to the top of the head. Carefully remove the cover. If it sticks, lightly tap the sides with a soft-faced hammer. Invert the lid on a clean newspaper to catch any oil drips.

You may need to gradually loosen the rocker arm shaft bracket nuts or bolts and remove them. Remove the rocker arm shaft and place it on a clean newspaper. Remove one stick at a time. Number the pushers so that they can be returned to their original position. 

On engines with separate rocker arms, remove the nuts securing the pivot arms and balls, then remove the rocker arms and line them up on a sheet of paper, numbered in the correct order, so they can be installed in the same location. . Take the pushers and thread them through the numbered holes in the piece of cardboard or Styrofoam, they should also spring back into place. Put them in a clean place.

Honda fit cylinder head removal – Loosen and tighten the rocker arm shaft 

Using a socket wrench and rod, loosen the nuts or bolts holding the cylinder head in the reverse order of tightening the engine refer to vehicle owner’s manual. Some engines require special bolt adapters. Carefully raise the head and, if possible, equip the manifold. You may need help raising your head. If it sticks, lightly tap the sides with a soft-faced hammer. Each nut or bolt on a motor head has a specific torque sequence and setting. Properly position the head on the block to protect its machined underside. After ensuring that the replaced gasket is the same in all parts, remove and discard the head gasket. Be careful not to introduce dirt or carbon particles into the engine while it is running. Remove the separately installed rocker arm. Be sure to reinstall them in the correct order.

Prevent these

To avoid cylinder head damage, allow engine coolant temperature to drop below 100°F (38°C) before removing cylinder head bolts. When dismantling cylinder heads, priority should be given to a carefully designed and clean working environment. Get plenty of cardboard boxes and a good marker to mark and organize the pieces as you take them out. Make sure you have enough clear, resealable plastic bags to label the recalled bras. Be sure to check if some fasteners can be reused or need to be replaced.

Prepare sealed containers for used coolant and engine oil to drain during the process. Keep a pencil and notepad handy for sketching and marking cable routing, wires, and bracket locations. Carefully follow the installation procedure to see if any fasteners need to be lubricated during installation.

Please read these procedures before fully understanding the tools and equipment required. Many cylinder head components are precision machined and require thorough cleaning and inspection before reassembly.

Honda fit cylinder head removal – 1.6L engine 

Make sure the engine temperature is below 100°F (38°C) before beginning the cylinder head removal procedure. To prevent warping, the cylinder head should be removed when the engine is cold. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Tag and disconnect the ignition wire. Drain engine coolant. Remove the radiator cap for faster draining. Remove the rack support. The intake manifold and disconnect the breather hose. Release the fuel pressure as follows these. Loosen the fuel tank cap.

Hold the fuel filter hollow bolt with a spare wrench. Hold the fuel filter service bolt with a socket wrench. Cover the fuel filter with a rag to absorb fuel mist. Slowly loosen the fuel filter service bolt one full turn. Clean up spilled fuel on the engine or intake manifold. Disconnect the upper radiator hose from the coolant inlet. Disconnect the coolant bypass hose and the heater hose from the intake manifold. Loosen the power steering pump mounting bolts to release the belt tension. Remove the power steering pump belt.

Remove the power steering pump from the mounting bracket and remove the power steering reservoir from the mounting bracket. Move the pump and tank out of the work area and secure them. Do not disconnect hydraulic lines.

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Second part of 1.6L engine 

Lay the piece of wood on the floor mat. Install jacks under the engine for support. If equipped with air conditioning: Loosen the left front engine mount bolts. Loosen the A/C compressor tensioner bolts. Then loosen the adjustment bolt to release the belt tension. Slide the A/C compressor belt around the engine mount to remove it. Loosen the alternator bracket and remove the alternator belt. Make sure the engine is supported by a padded jack. Loosen the nut on the left engine mount. Remove the motor mounting bracket. Remove the valve cover and timing belt top cover.

The crankshaft pulley and timing belt lower cover. Remove the timing belt. After removing the timing belt, check the water pump and replace it if necessary. Remove the distributor from the cylinder head assembly. Disconnect the fuel rail fuel line from the intake manifold. Plug lines immediately to prevent fuel leaks and contamination.

Loosen its jam nut first, then slide it out of the bracket to disengage the throttle cable from the linkage. Tag and disconnect the following engine harness connectors from the cylinder head and intake manifold. Injector harness connector.  VTEC solenoid valve and pressure switch connector. Idle Air Control Valve (AC connector . Throttle position (TP) sensor connector . Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor, gauge sensor and switch connector. Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor connector. Primary Heated Oxygen Sensor Connector (HO 2S)

Honda fit cylinder head removal – Finally

Tag and disconnect the vacuum hose and PCV hose at the intake manifold and throttle body.

Notice: Honda accord spark plugs replacement cost is between 90$ to 130$ if some one charge you more that that you got scammed.

Disconnect canister (EVAP) and breather hose from intake manifold.

Loosen the intake manifold nuts crosswise. Then remove the intake manifold with throttle body and boost chamber. Remove the exhaust manifold heat shield. Then loosen the exhaust manifold nuts crosswise. Remove the exhaust manifold. Be careful not to damage the oxygen sensor when removing the manifold. Cover the front outlet flange with a towel to prevent dust from entering. Remove the power steering pump bracket. Remove the camshaft pulley and rear cover. Loosen the camshaft carrier plate bolts in a crisscross pattern toward the center of the cylinder head.

Loosen the valve adjustment screw. Lift the camshaft bearing plate and bracket off the cylinder head. Bracket bolts hold the components together. Mark the location of each camshaft holder for reassembly. Pull the camshaft out of the cylinder head. Label the intake and exhaust camshafts to avoid confusion. Loosen the cylinder head bolts crosswise in three steps. Start with the outermost bolts and move up.

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