how to change a tire on a chevy silverado

So how to change a tire on a chevy silverado. Most people know how to change a tire. But are you guys doing it correctly. Its so questionable the right way to change a vehicle tire. Mainly we talk about this because the safety you need to know the correct way to change a tire. Or else you can get into a accident when you change it wrongly.  Never change tires on a hill or slope; always look for a level surface, even if it means driving on a flat tire. Use bricks, wooden wedges, or metal wheel chocks to block the wheel on the other end of the car from the end you want to raise. Down bellow is the correct ways to change the tire on the road or at house please read until the end. 

How to change a tire on a chevy silverado – Remove the wheel cover.

You can use a screwdriver to pry up the wheel cover. Just insert the tip of the tool where the edge of the tire meets the wheel and pry a little. The lid should pop out. You may need to do this in several places, such as lifting the lid of a paint can.

Loosen the wheel nuts.

You probably know he’s crazy. Whatever you call it, find the end of the wrench that fits your car nut and put it on the first nut. Transfer all weight to the left crossbar. This begins to turn the nut counterclockwise, loosening it. Do not completely remove the wheel nuts; just loosen them enough to remove them by hand after raising the vehicle. A hollow tube wrench with a cross shaft will loosen the tightest nuts. If you’re using thin-coated nuts to hold your alloy wheels in place, you’ll need to handle thin aluminum or chrome nuts with care. They should never be loosened or replaced with power tools that could scratch delicate finishes.

  • Raise the vehicle approximately 6 inches off the ground.
  • Raise the vehicle approximately 6 inches off the ground.
  • Place the jack on the edge of the vehicle that has to be near to the falt tire. The correct position may vary by model, so check the correct position of the jack in the owner’s manual.

If you have a scissor jack (see Figure a), insert a rod or wrench into the handle and turn the handle. If you have a hydraulic jack (see pic b), put the handle in place and rock it up and down. Using a smooth, even motion, move the jack handle from the lowest point to the highest point with each stroke to reduce the amount of work required.

How to change a tire on a chevy silverado – Remove the flat tire.

Remove the wheel nuts completely by hand and store in a safe place; the wheel cover or the inside of the wheel cover is working fine. Grab the flat tire with both hands and pull it straight toward you. When you remove the chainring, it should slide along the bolt until it passes the end of the bolt and supports your full weight. Roll the platform on the ground towards the rear of the car to push it. Raise the spare tire over the wheel bolts. Since the tires are heavy, getting the spare tire into place can be a little difficult, especially if you’re not used to lifting weights.

Replace clamp nut and hand tighten.

Pull each nut with a wrench to secure it firmly, but wait until the car is on the ground before attempting to tighten the nut. You need to lower your vehicle first then tighten the nuts nice and easy. After the vehicle is on the ground, use a wrench to tighten the lug nuts as far as possible.

Replace cover or lid.

If your vehicle has fancy hubcaps, your owner’s manual should have instructions on how to replace them. If your car has a hubcap, place the hubcap on the wheel and press down with the palm of your hand. Wet your hands with a soft cloth first to avoid damaging them. And don’t hit the lid with a wrench or hammer, you’ll leave a dent.

How to change a tire on a chevy silverado – hot

A not-so-fun fact: Your tires are more likely to blow out during the warmer months. High temperatures cause the air in the tire to expand, increasing the inflation pressure in the tire. As the pressure increases, the risk of a leak or complete explosion increases. Most tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) measure tire pressure when it’s not inflated, so don’t wait for the light on the dash to come on like you usually do on a cold winter morning.

Stem leak

Perforations are not always due to holes in the rubber. Instead, a faulty valve stem or leak is to blame. The valve stem is the part of the tire that loosens when air is added. Any damage or even dirt on that nub will cause the tire to lose air until it is fully deflated.

Normal abrasion

Sometimes there are no major events that lead to a puncture. Normal wear can make the most of your tires. During driving, the tire tread gradually wears down. This makes your tires more susceptible to the typical hazards of everyday driving, in other words, more prone to blowouts.

How to change a tire on a chevy silverado – bad road conditions

No driver likes potholes, road bumps or accidental debris; not only are they annoying, but they can damage a vehicle’s axles, chassis and wheels. Simply put, the worse the road conditions, the more likely you are to get an apartment.  As always, driving carefully is the number one precaution you can take to prevent tire damage from poor road conditions. If you are forced to drive on poor roads, be sure to slow down to allow extra space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. That way, you have more reaction time to observe potholes, bumps and debris and move around them safely.

So this is the right way to change vehicle tires. There are also other ways that you can do this but this is the safest and the most common easy way to do this operation. I will see you guys soon with a new article.

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