how to change spark plugs in 2009 kia rio

So how to change spark plugs in 2009 kia rio. Some people don’t know the correct way to change the spark plug. So today i’m going to tell you the correct way to do it. As the spark passes through the space between the two electrodes, it burns a small amount of metal from each electrode. Over time, the gap increases to the point where the spark stops jumping. That’s when you have misfires, poor fuel economy, poor acceleration, and eventually the dreaded “check engine” light.

How to change spark plugs in 2009 kia rio – When to Check and Replace Spark Plugs

Some plugs are rated for 100 000 plus but not all plugs. In fact, some automakers recommend replacing them every 30,000 miles. Always follow the spark plug service intervals listed in the owner’s manual so you know when to replace them. However, if you don’t remember when the spark plugs were last replaced, you can take them out and check the gap and condition. Once you start checking your spark plugs, you can also replace them and set a new benchmark for the future.

Signs of a bad spark plug

Unlike overly conservative manufacturer oil change recommendations, recommendations about how often spark plugs should be replaced are often overly optimistic. For example, if you have driven 80,000 miles with a 100,000 mile spark plug set, they wear out 80% and start to negatively impact engine performance and fuel economy. To make matters worse, the spark plugs wear out a lot after so many miles and they tend to get stuck in the cylinder head. Removing a stuck spark plug can be expensive, especially if the cylinder head threads are damaged. So what are the benefits of changing spark plugs? Given the reduction in fuel consumption and the possibility of a stuck spark plug, it makes sense to replace it early.

Do it yourself or leave it to a professional?

The answer depends on your car’s engine type. Some V-6 models require removal of intake manifold components to replace spark plugs. If this doesn’t work for you, take your car to a professional. However, if your engine has easy access to the rear, you might be able to do the job yourself. Just make sure to close the plug properly and use a torque wrench.

Open and clean your workspace

Begin by removing the plastic vanity cover and air filter assembly from the top of the engine. Mark any vacuum hoses you removed so you can put them back together.

Before removing any other parts, check the top of the four-cylinder engine or V-twin engine.Blow the ignition coil with compressed air to prevent dirt from entering the cylinder. Then clean the engine of any debris before installing tools and new spark plugs.

How to change spark plugs in 2009 kia rio – Remove ignition coil and or boot

Press the retainer to disconnect the electrical connector from the ignition coil. Disconnect the coil connector. Unscrew one coil retaining bolt and remove the coil and the other assembly. Some COP systems have removable rubber boots and springs. If they don’t come out with the spool, use needle nose pliers to pry them off and replace with new ones. Then remove the old spark plug. If your vehicle does not have a COP ignition system, the spark plug wire will end up in the boot that connects to the spark plug. The spark plug wire remover makes it easy to remove the boot.

Unscrew the lid

Remove any dirt and grime adhering to and around the socket after the socket is installed. Slide the correct size spark plug sleeve onto the spark plug. Pro tip: Rotary head spark plug sockets make the job easier. You may need some length of extension to reach the plug. Turn the cover counterclockwise to release it. Not all engines leave a usable spark plug as shown here. The tighter the engine compartment, the harder it is to access the spark plugs. But all stubs can be removed.

How to Lengthen Spark Plugs

Detach all receptacles according to manufacturer’s specifications before installation. Always check spark plug gaps before installation. Insert the correct wire gauge between the electrodes. The thread should squirm a little between them. If the gap is too small, use a feeler gauge to widen it. If the gap is too large, tap the ground electrode lightly on a hard surface. Apply a small drop of anti-seize compound to the spark plug threads and screw it into the cylinder head by hand.

How to prevent engine dry start

Install new plug

Correct spark plug torque is essential in modern engines. Always use a torque wrench and the manufacturer’s recommended spark plug torque. Insufficient torque can cause the spark plug to come off the cylinder head and strip the threads. Excessive torque can deform the spark plug.

If an anti-seize compound is applied to the plug threads, reduce the torque by 10%. If you don’t have a torque wrench, visit the spark plug manufacturer’s website to find hand tightening methods and torque specifications for spark plugs.

How to change spark plugs in 2009 kia rio – Lubricate the spark plug cap and snap it into place.

Before reinstalling the coil, apply a thin layer of insulating grease to the inside of the spark plug cap. Lubrication prevents misfires and makes it easier to remove the boots in the future. Reinstall ignition coil, retaining bolts and coil electrical connector. Replace the air filter and vanity cover and open it.

So this is how you can easily change a plug in your car this step walid for most of the cars not only the rio. So im going to en the article right here i hope that you guys enjoyed this article i will see you guys soon.

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