How to fix a broken rim on a truck

So how to fix a broken rim on a truck. Truck drivers get into trouble some times. Some times trucks big rims can get hurt or bent. So i will explain how you can easily face this troubles and fix your issues.  Clean the area around the damage with paint thinner. Buy an acid-free cleaner and apply it to a clean microfiber cloth or soft brush. Using a rag or brush, move the wheel in small circles, wiping the damaged area of ​​the wheel. For areas with a lot of buildup, use a cleanser and be sure to scrub well. Focus on the most damaged areas. Make sure all wax and polish are removed from the area around the damage. 

Otherwise, the repair process will be difficult. When you’re done, dry the area with a soft cloth. Sand the damaged area with 240-grit sandpaper. Wrap the sandpaper around a small piece of wood about 2 x 4 inches (5.1 x 10.2 cm), any object you can hold comfortably in your hand. Firmly fold the sandpaper over the block so that it is absolutely flat on top. Hold the sand block so that the edge is under the palm of your hand and your thumb and other fingers grip the sides. Press your index finger against the flat top of the block. Continue sanding the alloy wheels until the surface is as smooth as possible.

How to fix a broken rim on a truck –  Apply putty to the scratched area

Squeeze a quarter-sized amount of putty onto a 2-inch spatula. Run the knife over the scratched area at a 45 degree angle and apply pressure until it is as flush with the surface as possible. a few minutes, so get to work ASAP. Always work in a cool, well ventilated area.

Avoid cold and damp places: the putty does not dry properly. Buy regular sealant from department stores or alloy wheel repair kits from online retailers.

Sand the putty with 400 grit sandpaper until smooth. 

Once the filler is dry, sand the wheel with 400 grit sandpaper and sand the damaged area one last time. Continue sanding until the putty is flush with the rest of the edge. If you don’t have 400 grit sandpaper, use the best also called coarsest sandpaper you have.

How to fix a broken rim on a truck – You can also do this 

Apply lubricant around the edge. Before removing the tire, lubricate the outer edge where the tire meets the wheel. If the lubricant is in a spray can, hold it about an inch around the circumference and apply. For the lubricant bottle, apply it to the same area with a cloth. Buy lubricants from auto parts stores or online suppliers.

Remove the alloy wheel from the tire

Lay the tire on a flat surface with the rim facing up. Sitting on the rim of the wheel, insert an iron rod between the wheel and the rim, as far away from you as possible, with the curved side down. With the iron rod pointing up, pull back until the tire comes off the wheel. Continue this process around the circumference of the rim until it is completely clear of the wheel. Place the alloy rim on the wheel on a flat, stable surface. Find a garage with a concrete floor for best results.

Lay out a piece of cardboard and place a tire on it. To hold the alloy rim in place, place it on top of the tire and push it down so that it fits slightly into the center hole. Make sure there is no gasoline or flammable products nearby. Heat the curved area to 302°F (150°C) from the inside with a torch. Hold the digital thermometer approximately 1 foot (0.30 m) from the outer edge of the alloy. From the inside, fire the gun at a 45 degree angle, moving left and right around the bend. Continue this movement until the alloy wheel thermometer reads 302°F (150°C). Hold the burner approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the wheel.

Find a piece of wood that matches your bump

A curved sanding block from an office supply store or online store works best. Choose a piece of wood that curves as close to the dent as possible, but don’t worry if it doesn’t fit snugly. If you’re using sanding blocks, stick to woodworking. If all you can find is rubber, that’s fine; it may not be as efficient. Beat the dent with a heavy wooden and rubber mallet. Now that the alloy is hot and ductile, you can bend it back to its original shape. Place a bent piece of wood or rubber into the dent and tap it on the side with a large rubber mallet. Swing vertically and apply enough force to change the shape of the metal. Once the alloy has stopped warping, you can remove the piece of wood and hit it with a hammer. However, this method is more likely to damage the wheels, so do it at your own risk. Do not use a metal hammer which could damage the alloy rims.

How to fix a broken rim on a truck – This also can work

Wash and polish alloy rims with water. Use a hose to spray the alloy rims well. Focus on the area between and around the spokes where dust and dirt tend to accumulate. Be sure to thoroughly clean all corrosion spots. Attach a fireman’s nozzle to the hose to improve its flow.

Wipe the wheel with a microfiber cloth

Vigorously wipe the surface of the wheel until it is completely dry. Always use a soft microfiber cloth to avoid damage to the surface of the wheel, and do not dry the wheel to avoid stains. Keep your dry wheel wipes separate from other wipes to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on them.

Use a pre-cleaner to polish the aluminum to remove oxidation

Spray rim cleaner and concentrate on the rusted area. After that, let the wheels rest for about 10 minutes. Once the pre-filter has had time to penetrate, brush the rusty area with a round brush. Clean in a circular motion, paying particular attention to the most corroded areas. Scrub the most stubborn corrosion spots with 40 to 60 grit sandpaper. Wet the corrosion area first with water. Next, rub the sandpaper from side to side with your hands, applying pressure. Keep doing this until you notice the pitting small holes resulting from localized corrosion beginning to disappear. Apply as much pressure as possible to the wheel.

Switch to a finer grit sandpaper and continue sanding

Once the pitting begins to disappear, switch to 240 grit sandpaper. Continue sanding from side to side until you no longer notice any change in the visibility of the hole. Switch to 400-grit sandpaper and continue sanding until the pitting is barely noticeable or not visible at all. When you use finer sandpaper, you don’t have to worry about applying too much pressure.

How to fix a broken rim on a truck – Apply rim wax to prevent the rust from lasting

Dip the foam applicator into the wheel wax and rub directly onto the alloy wheel. Be sure to apply a sufficient amount and distribute it evenly over the entire surface of the alloy. Then remove it with a soft cotton towel. Always use a clean cotton towel to avoid staining the alloy wheels. The wax will help protect your wheels from wear and keep them clean.

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