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We going to talk about how to fix car seal by your own. When I say car seal most of you might think I’m going to talk about valve that seal doors. We are not going to talk about that we are talking about a different type of car seal. To people that don’t know the valve that I mentioned I will describe about that for you simply. That is a simple device that use for lock valve doors to prevent unauthorized entering. It is a lock with a metal string on it for lock valve doors.

It’s not that interesting because we are talking about vehicle not locking doors. So we’re talking about the car door seal or you can say weather-strip. This thing is used in cars for seal your door from leaking water. This things installed on car door and they are so use full when raining. Something that you need to always remember is that car weather stripping repair actually something that you need to do. like if you don’t do car door weather stripping repair car seal can be go bad.

How to fix car seal difference between car lock and seal

So most people get confused when it comes to car lock and seal. Most of them think car locks and the seal are the same. It’s actually not the same, they are two different things. Let me explain car seal and lock might sound same to you. You might say yes they are the same thing let me tell there’s big difference on them. They are literally two different things not even a single thing matches them. They are made to do two different jobs. So most people get confused because for the car seal most used word is weather-strip. Because of that people thinks that car seal is a same word for car lock. If you this words incorrectly on a repair station the repairman’s will get confused. And you don’t want to do that when it comes to repairing your car.

So let me explain you what is the difference between them. As I said weather-strip is the name that use for car seal by professionals. When you buying car seal the word that you must say is weather-strips. Because they sale the product under that name you can use one of both name on repair station. So now let’s get to the confusing part. Most people use car seals as the same word for car lock. Car lock is a mechanical device that use for lock your car. It can be a button on the key or it can be a switch that near car door. Car lock is use to lock your car from outside or inside. On the other hand car seal use to seal your car to prevent leaks. You can find car seal on car doors its look like rubber strip.

Why weather-stripping is important on car

Let me explain why weather-stripping is important on a car. You might remember that I said weather stripping can prevent water leaking’s. But that is not the only reason why weather-stripping is important. Weather-strip also endure that your doors are sealed correctly. They are the key that your vehicle doors that get locked and seal properly. If you try to lock your doors without weather-stripping your door will not lock correctly. It will be opened all time door will be get opened automatically. So one of the main thing that why you need these are to keep your doors locked. One of other thing is as I said to your vehicle without any leaks. So you might be driving your car in a heavy rain and water will drip all over your car. If you didn’t have weather strips water will leak inside to your car.

Reminder: so what is the car door lock replacement cost its basically around 400$ to 1000$ and the price also depends on the car type. So if you thinking when do i need to change car door lock that’s also depends on your car doors quality.

How to repair weather-strips and how they are made

So for the first question let’s see how weather-strips are made. To make these manufactures use few key materials. These are not made by only using rubber. The first one is EPDM rubber. Other materials are thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) mix of plastic and rubber, and a thermoplastic olefin (TPO) polymer/filler blend. These are the main materials that use to make strips. You can make them on home but I’m not going to explain that because it is complicated. Vehicle sun roof weather-stripping is made from silicone because sunroof can get too much heated. And if those also made using rubber they can get melt inside your car.

Let’s see how to repair car seal easily. First thing that you need to do is buying a tube of weather stripping. And a can of nonflammable break and a can of silicone. These are the basic things that you going to need. Then you need to pull the weather-stripping off and clean the surface with break can. Then you need let the door dry for few minutes. After that apply adhesive weather-stripping on to the door and that dry too. Then you need add second layer of adhesive weather-striping. And you need push the weather-strip correctly into the second layer. Then you need clean the extra adhesive by using break cleaner can. For finishing you need to tape it by using masking tape because strip aren’t going to hold by own. Then remove the tape after adhesive dried off and spray the silicone on weather-strip now you’re done.

So we talked about How to fix car seal top and easy way. I think you got the idea I’m trying to give you. So see you soon.

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