How to fix locked steering wheel

So how to fix locked steering wheel. Some times steering wheels can get looked for those unfortunate events there are ways to fix them as well. So i will describe the way i fix locked steering wheels at my garage. Insert the key into the ignition lock. Most likely, your steering wheel is locked because the last time you turned off the engine there was little force on the steering wheel. To unlock it, you must use the ignition key in the same way as when starting the car. Insert the key into the ignition and see if it turns. If the key is turned and the car starts, the ignition cylinder unlocks the wheels.

How to fix locked steering wheel – Turn the key slightly

If the key and dial remain locked, you will need to push the key in the direction it would normally turn. Be careful not to put excessive pressure on the body of the key, as this could cause the key to spin or even break in the keyhole. Instead, apply gentle, firm pressure until the contact unlocks. If you have to go to a garage, it will be more expensive to repair an ignition cylinder with a broken key.

Apply pressure to the steering wheel

The steering wheel is fixed with a pin on one side. Once locked, the wheel will not be able to move freely in any direction, but one side will not allow movement (the side with the locking pin). Figure out which direction the wheel can’t move, then push the other way by turning the key with your other hand. The process of turning the key while pushing the wheels unlocks the steering wheel. The wheel will only move slightly in the opposite direction to the pin, but never in the wrong direction.

Do not shake or shake the wheels

You may want to rock the steering wheel from side to side in an attempt to unlock it, but this will reduce your chances of successfully unlocking the steering wheel. Instead, apply steady pressure in one direction on the wheel until it unlocks. Rocking the wheel back and forth can damage the locking pin and prevent the wheel from unlocking.

How to fix locked steering wheel – Pull the key slightly before turning it

If the key begins to wear out, it may not turn on the ignition. You can still engage the pins needed to start the car by inserting the key all the way in, then gently pulling it out. Try pulling the key out 1/16 inch or about the width of a nickel and try turning it again.If it works, the key may be excessively worn. You should always replace keys as soon as possible before they stop working.

Turn the steering wheel and the key at the same time to unlock it

It may take a few tries, but applying pressure to the wheels in the correct direction while turning the key will unlock both, allowing the wheels to move freely and start the car. Although significant pressure may be required, if the wheels or ignition do not seem to be turning, do not force them to turn. This could damage the steering shaft, key or other internal components. Once both are unlocked, the vehicle can be driven.

Also try this – Apply a small amount of cleaner to the keyhole

If the ignition cylinder is stuck, spray a small amount of electrical cleaner on the keyhole to lubricate it enough for it to turn. Be careful not to spray too much liquid into the keyhole. A few short sprays are enough. When you’re done, insert the wrench and turn it back and forth slightly to work the grease in. If it works, you may need to replace the firing cylinder as soon as it gets worse.

Blow compressed air into the ignition

Debris caught in the ignition switch can prevent the key from turning, preventing the steering wheel from unlocking. Buy a can of air from your local stationery or retailer and insert the mouthpiece straw directly into the keyhole. Remove residue in just a few puffs. Wear safety glasses to keep dirt out of your eyes before spraying compressed air into the keyhole.

Gently insert and remove the key several times

If debris sticks to the key when you insert it, it could get stuck in the ignition cylinder pin. Fully insert the key and remove it. Repeat the process several times to try to remove any debris that may be stuck in the cylinder. If it works, the problem may persist until the debris is cleared from the firing cylinder. If this method works, use compressed air to clean the lock cylinder.

How to fix locked steering wheel – Make sure the key is not bent or damaged

If your key does not turn when inserted into the ignition, it may be because the key is damaged. Rounded or serrated teeth on the wrench will no longer engage the pin in the impact cylinder to the depth required to turn it. One of them can prevent the key from turning on the ignition, which will also prevent the wheels from unlocking. If you have an extra key, see if it unlocks the ignition. So if so, the keys you use frequently are worn out and need to be replaced. If the key is too damaged to turn the ignition cylinder, So it must be replaced. Do not copy broken keys. It should be replaced by a dealer who works with your make and model of vehicle.

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