how to increase horsepower on chevy equinox

So today we going to talk about how to increase horsepower on chevy equinox.  So one thing that is never too much is the power and torque of our trucks! There are many ways to increase horsepower and torque, and some of them you may not even know about. These are the most effective ways we have found to increase the power of your truck. increase power

How to increase horsepower on chevy equinox – CLEAN HOUSE FOR INCREASING POTENTIAL

This trick won’t actually give your engine more power, but it will allow you to use the power you have more efficiently. Every pound of cargo you add to your truck is another pound your engine has to carry. The EPA claims that adding 100 pounds of load reduces engine efficiency by up to 2%. Check your truck and see if there is anything lying around that needs to be hauled out. You may not need all these tools every day or an extra trash bag on your bed. Every item you can remove frees up your engine so you can focus on getting more power.


Maintaining your truck is essential to extending the life of your truck and keeping all systems running at peak levels. Engine tuning doesn’t really increase power, but when your truck suffers, so does the power it once had. For example, if your air or fuel filters are clogged, you may be depriving your engine of what it needs to run properly. It’s a cheap problem, so why wait to get it done? Changing your oil is also an important part of your engine maintenance. Consider using synthetic oil to increase responsiveness a bit.


Big trucks love turbochargers. This is because they save fuel and collect waste heat from the exhaust gases to increase intake air pressure. The turbo kit will help make your engine more responsive. You’ll find turbocharger kits that will boost your truck’s horsepower by up to 200 extra horsepower. The downside is that they are not cheap. Some kits can cost several thousand dollars. A supercharger offers certain advantages over a turbocharger. First, there is no delay between opening the throttle and building up manifold pressure. They also tend to be more reliable than turbos. You can choose a factory designed compressor or use a generic aftermarket compressor.


Another inexpensive way to increase engine power is to install a cold air inlet. Your truck’s standard airbox is limited and designed to reduce engine noise. If the engine noise doesn’t bother you, it’s time to clean it up. Colder air is denser, so colder air has more oxygen, which means it can burn more fuel. You can see an increase in power from six to eleven horsepower and improved throttle response with the cold air intake.


An aftermarket exhaust system is a quick way to get more power. Factory mufflers are designed to be quiet first and foremost. By simply replacing this silent muffler with an aftermarket muffler, you’ll get a boost in power and a nice, solid sound. With this little trick, you can earn up to 20 horsepower. So you might consider replacing the factory exhaust manifold with non-original manifolds for more power.

How to increase horsepower on chevy equinox – BUY ENGINE TUNER

Your truck engine is not designed for maximum power. In fact, the manufacturer has tuned it for smooth shifting to give you good fuel economy in the first place. They also wanted it to be as quiet as possible. By reprogramming a truck, you can see big changes in its power. The downside to this move is that portable tuners can cost up to $400. While they are easy to use and can make a big difference, you will need to invest in premium gasoline for your truck. We recommend that you consider this option after the others have been completed.

Cat rear exhaust 

After replacing the air intake, it is necessary to bleed the air from the engine. This is achieved through a high performance Cat-Back exhaust system. The performance exhaust uses larger diameter pipes than the factory exhaust so more exhaust gases can pass through it. They use smoother curves called mandrel curves that reduce restrictions that slow down the flow of exhaust gases. They increase the exhaust flow rate by sucking exhaust gases out of your engine. Less restrictive mufflers also help push more air out, allowing you to draw in more air through the air intake. The cat-back exhaust system connects downstream of your catalytic converter, saving you the hassle of replacing that expensive and sensitive (and air-purifying) factory part. An efficient exhaust will make your car or truck louder, which can be a nice bonus.

How to increase horsepower on chevy equinox – Engine computer adjustment

Your engine is almost completely controlled by the computer and the program for that computer. Everything from throttle opening to fuel injection timing and starting. Your car leaves the factory tuned for the average driver and a very long (and boring) life.

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Tuning your ECU, which means modifying the software by a company that knows what they’re doing, is an easy and inexpensive way to add horsepower. The engine control setting or ECU can adjust ignition timing, including ignition timing, to increase power. You can also change how variable valve timing works. In modern turbocharged vehicles, tuning can also increase boost pressure. More boost delivers more air and fuel to the engine with each revolution, increasing power. The factory ECU is for the factory intake and exhaust (and everything else). Whether you’ve added a new intake and exhaust manifold or any of the other parts on this list, tweaking your ECU will allow your engine to take full advantage of those changes to produce more power and perform at its best.

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