how to keep computer cool in hot car

So how to keep computer cool in hot car. Leave your laptop or smartphone at home during lunch or a workout and the heat will fry them faster than you think. Heat can damage your device, sometimes even lose your data, or even cause a fire or explosion.

Keep your device off, out of direct sunlight, and as low in the car as possible. According to Wright, the bottom of the car doesn’t heat up as quickly as the temperature rises. “If you’re going to use it in a hot environment, make sure the vents aren’t blocked,” Motz said.

Alternatively, use a laptop cooling pad if you use your computer in a hot location at least a few times a week. Pads are inexpensive (most are less than $50) and can prevent costly damage.

For smartphones, reducing battery usage can help keep the temperature in check. In the car, open the windows to reduce heat levels, but keep the device out of sight to prevent theft. Don’t leave your computer in a hot car. According to Motz, the internal components are prone to burn out. If the unit is on a board in direct sunlight, direct ventilation to allow cooler air to circulate nearby, Wright said.

How to keep computer cool in hot car – tips

If you must leave the device in the car for a day or more: Bring your battery, as it can be damaged by heat and cause a fire or explosion. “Just be careful not to let them short out what you’re wearing,” says Motz. “An anti-static bag can help protect them from that.

From a hot car to an air-conditioned room: Most new appliances have thermal protection that automatically shuts off or prevents them from turning on when it gets too hot, Wright said.

If the device is in a hot area, wait until it no longer feels hot to the touch before pressing start. This will minimize the formation of condensation. “Internal condensation can cause all kinds of problems,” Motz said.

The computer starts up under thermal stress, but does not function properly. The first sign of this was a noisy fan, Wright said.

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Don’t underestimate thermal damage: “Leaving electronics in a car once may not seem to have any effect, but internal components can be damaged without any outward signs,” Motz said. “This can significantly shorten the life of the equipment.”

Remove the battery as much as possible

The battery is probably the most fragile part of a laptop. Today, most laptops are made with lithium-ion or lithium-ion batteries. These sensitive batteries cannot withstand extremely high temperatures. Otherwise, chemical reactions will occur within the block, causing irreversible damage.

If your battery is damaged by overheating, you may experience slow charging or even degraded performance. A dead battery means more than just an unplanned trip to the store. A damaged lithium-ion battery can quickly become a fire hazard.

Of course, not all laptop batteries can be separated from the rest of the computer. If yours can, delete it. It would be better if you could bring the battery inside. If you can’t, you can use your laptop when you get out of the car to hide it wherever you choose to hide it. Separating the parts can prevent damage to the laptop if the battery fails due to heat. If you can’t remove the battery, follow other tips to protect the battery in a hot car.

Avoid the sun

It has to be taken for granted, but it has to be said. If you leave valuable electronic equipment in the car, park in the shade. You should at least try your laptop. Look around and see if you can find a spot under a shady tree.

If you don’t have a case, at least cover your laptop with some light to protect it from the sun. Covering the laptop with a white towel or t-shirt will help protect it from the sun. Do not cover the laptop with a dark cloth. Dark colors absorb heat faster than lighter colors.

Umbrellas are also an easy way to block out the sun. At the very least, cover the windshield with a large visor. Thanks to the reflective material, the parasol can withstand the sun and heat. You can even get a fun print, like a Star Wars cast. You should also place a sun visor on the rear windshield. The sun shines there too.


Just like real estate, insuring your laptop depends on location, location, location. Do not throw your laptop in the passenger seat or leave the car. Often, the coolest part of a car is the trunk. Helpful tip: Before you get out of the car, be careful to put your laptop in the trunk. This can alert potential thieves that you have something of value there.

If the trunk isn’t a good option, the next best option is hidden under the driver’s seat. The heat will go up, which is why you need to put your laptop there. As the heat builds up, open the windows slightly to allow some of the heat to escape.

How to keep computer cool in hot car – further explained 

These blankets are good, but not enough. Don’t rely on the trunk or seat to keep your laptop cool enough. You need reinforcements. To keep your laptop cool, bring ice cubes. An ice pack can keep your laptop temperature within a safe range.

When shopping for an ice pack, be sure to find something that is airtight. Condensation from melting ice can be catastrophic for electronics. These ice packs from So Young promise that your pack will be “sweat free.” No sweat is good news for your laptop. The ice pack itself comes in a decorative machine washable polyester bag. In one review, one customer likened the sleeves to a raincoat. However, to dry your laptop completely, you should wrap an ice pack in an absorbent towel and place it next to your computer.

You can even put your laptop and ice pack in a cooler or other cooler bag. Believe it or not, a pizza bag can do the trick! This simple insulated container from New Star Food Service is practical and simple. If you’re particularly concerned about your laptop’s security, you can use a big gun. A “cannon” in this context refers to a small fan powered by solar energy. A solar fan won’t drain the car battery. Using solar power, the solar fan will keep the air circulating in the laptop when you are away. This smart solar fan attaches to your window.

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