How to maintain a car engine

So how to maintain a car engine. Something that bothers me is every single person that comes to my garage doesn’t know how to correctly maintain a car engine. So i will explain you guys the correct way to do this. This is the steps that i follow to maintain my cars engines. Check the engine cooling system. The engine cooling system helps maintain its internal temperature and removes excess heat from the engine. The cooling system should not be left unattended whenever a long trip is planned.

The cooling system is made up of various components such as the radiator, thermostat, water pump and coolant. A simple way to maintain and prevent engine overheating is to check for proper coolant flow to the engine coolant chamber. Always keep the coolant level above the minimum level but below the maximum level to prevent leaks. Very dark red or orange coolant should be replaced with fresh coolant by flushing the radiator. The cost of maintaining a cooling system is far less than the damage caused by overheating.

Clear the nose of the engine to facilitate breathing. Engines use air to burn fuel in combustion chambers and breathe like humans. It is important to check your car’s air filter regularly. Cars need constant airflow to operate efficiently. In addition to fuel, air is an integral part of supercharging a car’s engine. Air should enter the engine frequently, without restriction. Examine your air filter to make sure it is free of dust, insects. Replace it with a clean filter if necessary. 

How to maintain a car engine  – Periodically fill the engine with new oil. 

Good quality engine oil is essential to keeping your engine clean. Regular oil changes are essential. Engine oil lubricates vital engine components, preventing them from overheating and reducing wear. If you extend your oil change interval too long, you can seriously damage your engine and cause irreparable damage. Check your car’s owner’s manual for oil change intervals; the latest standards recommend changing engine oil every 5,000 miles (8,000 km). However, be aware that some older engines don’t last as long, so change the oil in those vehicles more often. 

Pay attention to the fuel filter. 

Fuel filters play an important role in ensuring that clean fuel is injected into the engine. This keeps the engine free of harmful deposits and prevents fuel system contamination. The fuel filter blocks the formation of any unwanted substance or particle that can damage the engine. As with an oil filter, the particles removed accumulate in the crankcase. The fuel filter must be replaced to keep the engine running smoothly. Replace it with a new filter to ensure an efficient gas supply to the engine.

How to maintain a car engine – Make adjustments often. 

The engine carburetor should be adjusted frequently. Also replace the spark plugs and check the wires, ignition wires, caps and rotors. However, newer models require less regular tuning, as most modern vehicles do not have spark wires or distributors like older vehicles, and instead use lifetime spark plugs. The fuel injection system can be tuned with special windshield washer fluid, which often helps increase vehicle mileage.

Is there a low fuel warning light?

No, most vehicles do not have low oil level warning lights. There is a low oil pressure warning light, but when it comes on, the oil level may be too low to maintain even minimum oil pressure. Proper oil level and pressure is essential to lubricate all moving parts. Many cars have oil change reminders, but they are based on mileage or time since the last oil change. The oil change reminder does not know the oil level.

How to avoid engine overheating

Engine overheating If the engine temperature is abnormal, have the vehicle checked. Overheating is the source of many engine problems and, in the worst case, can lead to an engine overhaul or even replacement. A common problem is that the coolant level drops due to a leak, causing the engine to overheat. Other causes of overheating include a faulty water pump, radiator fan, or thermostat. How to avoid overheating. If the engine temperature exceeds normal, leave the cooling system full and check the vehicle.

How long can I wait between oil changes with synthetic oil?

Synthetic oils last longer, but what about used products? Whether you use regular or synthetic oil, the rotating and moving parts inside the engine wear out. If you drive for long periods between oil changes, small metal particles and other wear debris can get mixed in with the oil, reducing its lubricity. Additionally, they clog the oil filter, restricting oil flow and further increasing friction. Regardless of the type of oil used, we recommend an oil change interval close to that recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

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How to maintain a car engine  – Do engine oil additives really work?

Engine Oil Additives Car Manufacturers Recommend Oil Additives Most car manufacturers do not recommend any additives, but you will find many people who trust them. We have tested different products on different engines. Some oil additives do little, while others do. For example, a four-year-old Honda Accord used more than 2 liters of oil between oil changes. Since the engine is in overall good condition, we suspect the oil ring is stuck in the groove due to soot. We added an oil additive that is said to “help loosen the oil ring” and it worked. After that, this Honda’s oil level barely changed between oil changes.

So follow these steps to maintain your vehicle engine correctly. These are the best and easiest ways to do this. I will see you guys soon with a new article soon. Bye for now. 

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