How to move a car with no key

So how to move a car with no key. There is a way that you can move cars with no keys. Most of my customers ask this question. So let me give you guys also the answer as well. Knowing how to put a car in neutral without a key is helpful. The vehicle still needs to be moved if the car keys are lost or stolen. Also, if a used car was purchased for parts only, the car may not have keys. Putting a car in neutral without a key is not a skill most people have. This technology is often used by auto mechanics and trailer drivers. For the average driver, learning to drive a car without a key can save time and nerves.

How to move a car with no key – Install wheel chocks

Install wheel chocks in front or behind all four wheels to securely hold the vehicle in place. The Auto Car Repair website explains that failure to use wheel chocks or improper installation of wheel chocks can cause the vehicle to move forward or backward when in neutral. If the vehicle begins to roll, serious injury could occur if the vehicle does not stop quickly enough.


Turn on the flashlight and carefully climb under the car to bring the men back to the ground. Use the flashlight to find the car’s gearbox. The Auto Car Repair website explains that the transmission is usually located next to the engine.

Then do this

Find the cable that came with the gearbox. There is a switch and a lever on the right attachment. Disconnect the cable and push the lever back until it clicks twice. The Auto Car Repair website explains that the joystick should be pushed to the rear of the car.


Get out from under the bodywork and push the car in, but don’t take it out.

How to tow a car without a key? Questions and answers

Towing a car without a key is a complex and potentially dangerous process, so most people quickly come to the conclusion that you simply cannot safely tow if you cannot get into the car, put it in the neutral and release the parking brake. However, towing companies and car recovery services can and do work without keys every day, and they have the training, tools, and procedures to do so without damaging the car. If you have access to the right car, you can tow it even if you don’t have the keys.

In most cases, towing a car without a key is usually done by lifting the drive wheels to the side. Depending on the situation and the availability of towing equipment, you may have several ways to tow your vehicle, even without a key. However, it all depends on whether you can legally tow your car into the park this is a very different matter and we will discuss it later in this guide. For now, let’s assume you have every right to tow a truck. Let’s say you’re towing your own car or towing someone else’s car who needs your help.

How to move a car with no key – Can a parked car be towed?

Can you tow a parked vehicle with the right equipment and processes.The answer depends on the situation. However, as a general rule, you can request the towing of a vehicle parked on private property without the owner’s consent. The situation can be complicated if the owner or the animal is present in the car in these cases, the easiest solution is to simply call the evacuation service and let them take care of it.

Do I need special equipment to tow a car without a key?

The equipment and tools needed for key less evacuation depend on the situation the vehicle is in. In most cases if you have a forklift kit it can still be towed from a trailer or flatbed in most cases with the parking brake applied. You will also need a few trailer accessories, from basic trailers and tow bars to complete trailer kits with hitch bars, flatbed trailers and retrofit trailers.

Automatic loading cart

The self-loading dolly is a sturdy frame that holds the wheel in place to lift it off the ground. Cars can have four or more small wheels. High-speed self-loading carts generally have larger wheels with pneumatic tires and can operate in a wider range of road conditions than self-loading carts with small wheels. The latter is usually best for moving the car around a shop or garage, so if you plan to tow it down the road, you should consider a self-loading dolly with large wheels and a sturdy kickstand. Carrier bogies can also be adapted to a specific range of wheel sizes.

For larger vehicles with larger tires you may need a different dolly kit. You will also need at least two self-loading carts to tow your car without keys.If you can use a dolly to lift the drive wheels of the car off the road, two self-loading dollies may be enough to tow the car without the keys. In this case, you only need trolleys, a set of tow bars and a tow rope or a tow rope for towing on two wheels. However, sometimes you will have to tow it on four wheels. A common combination for a trailer with all four wheels off the ground is to use two self-loading trailer trucks. Two of the vehicle’s wheels were loaded onto a trailer, while the other two were pulled off the road by two loader trucks. The trailer itself is then attached to the trailer via a hitch.

How to move a car with no key – Using the flatbed trailer

If you have a flatbed trailer, you can also tow it without a key. Flatbed trailers are also the best option for towing heavier vehicles that may exceed the maximum weight that self-loading and towing trucks can safely carry. If you choose to tow a flatbed trailer, you will need to attach it securely before traveling. To attach the vehicle to a flatbed trailer, you will need a set of mounting hardware. Reinforced nylon straps are a popular choice for securing vehicles to flatbed trailers.

Some of them may have steel hooks at the ends which can be hung from the frame, in which case they are called V-belts. They can also be used with basket straps. Which are used to attach the wheels of a towed vehicle to the eyelets of the trailer bed. To ensure a snug fit, the nylon tie-down straps are gradually tightened, usually with a steel ratchet.

How to move a car with no key – Using a dolly to tow a car without a key

The first step is to determine the cart configuration needed to move the vehicle. To do this, you need to determine whether the car is front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. To tow the vehicle without a key, the drive wheels must be off the ground to avoid damage to the transmission.

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