how to open kia optima trunk with dead battery

So how to open kia optima trunk with dead battery. It s bit hard to get into the trunk when your car battery is dead specially your car trunk lock is open from the remote. So basically the battery keeps the car alive Because it starts your car first. Gasoline is his food. If you don’t have the initial battery drain, your car will turn into a multi-ton paperweight. We often find ourselves in low battery situations. Without the battery, we couldn’t even open the trunk. It’s really frustrating at the beginning or end of any trip. To work on a car, many manufacturers recommend disconnecting the battery. So in this case you could accidentally close the trunk without the battery connected. You now have a fully charged and functional battery that is useless. Don’t let a dead battery or distraction ruin your mood. There is a solution, so read about it.Open the case when the battery is fine. But it is necessary. Because when fixing your car, you will need a car repair kit. We usually put the installation kit in the trunk. So, let’s see how to open the Trunk of the car.

Follow the below mentioned tips to easily get access into the trunk without getting into any exhausting hard ways. These are the easiest and most reliable ways to do this.

How to open kia optima trunk with dead battery – Manually use the key

If your car’s battery is dead, check your car’s features to see if they support manual access to the trunk with the key. Typically, older models support manual access to keys in the trunk. If your vehicle does not have this manual key option, you can use the second or third method. So let’s see how to open it manually with a key. If you have a metal key, remove it from the key fob. Be sure to slide the locking tab with your thumb and remove the metal key. Then you put the key in the trunk lock cylinder. Turn the key until the trunk opens. clever! ended. But what if there is no key.

Manually pass the back seat

Many models are equipped with a rear seat release mechanism. This mechanism allows them to fold forward to reach the trunk. If you don’t know where the levers are, see the owner’s manual. Go to the back seat and find the seat release mechanism. Crawl forward until you can see inside the trunk and slide at least partially into it.Locate the trunk release safety lever on the trunk by evaluating the type of vehicle you have. The joystick is usually glow-in-the-dark and can be behind or in front of the area. Pull the lever and you’ll see the rear seat snap into place.

Choose an External Power Supply

Nothing works for you.Then choose this method. For this you need a launcher. But if you don’t have one, you can find one in any garage.

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We can start the car with the starter. You can find many options for beginners. Choose the one you like. But if you don’t, don’t worry; you can start your car with another car with a jumper cable.

How to open kia optima trunk with dead battery – First step

Use the normal method to open the car hood with the hood latch. Prepare to connect the cable. Connect the cable to the car that is starting or running, then connect it to the damaged car. Locate the positive terminal, usually marked red. Connect the red clip and find the ground terminal marked black. Position the clamps correctly.


If you are doing this step on a car, start the car’s engine and let it run for a few minutes. Your dead car should be ready to open the trunk for you. For the launcher, this step is very simple: just open the launcher and it will start your machine.

last step

Once the car is started, you can open the trunk as usual. You have a little luck opening a case. Next time be careful not to close the trunk when the battery is low.

How to force open a Trunk of the car?

Most cars made after 2000 have a separate trunk button. So, press this button to open the case.

How do I open the trunk from the inside?

There are two ways to open the treasure Trunk of the car. You can press and hold the trunk release button on the remote. Press the trunk lid to close it. For your safety, your vehicle is equipped with a trunk release lever so that the trunk can be opened from the inside.

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How to open kia optima trunk with dead battery – How do I open the case with a screwdriver?

The box on the panel can be opened and taken out with a screwdriver. Turn clockwise to open the trunk. Well done, you made it! Now you know how to open the trunk if the battery dies.  So you need to keep the eye on the battery fluid levels every time. Batteries cannot work without water. Car batteries require special water designed specifically for use in batteries. Do not use potable or distilled water in the battery. Hope this helps.

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