how to remove abs sensor without breaking it

So how to remove abs sensor without breaking it. In this article i will explain you guys how to correctly remove abs sensors. There is 3 ways that you can do this in this article. Lift the vehicle with the jack to safely remove the wheels. Park the vehicle on a flat, firm surface and turn off the engine. Set the car jack to the lifting point and lift it carefully. Lift the vehicle off the ground until there is approximately 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.1 cm) of clearance under the wheels. If you don’t know where the connection points are on your vehicle, please refer to your owner’s manual. There is usually a flat metal pad behind each front wheel and in front of each rear wheel.

How to remove abs sensor without breaking it – Which wheel to use

Depending on your vehicle type, there may be an ABS sensor on each wheel. Check your owner’s manual to be sure. If you have access to an ABS scanner, it can tell you which sensor is broken. If you don’t have a scanner, you’ll need to systematically clean each sensor until the ABS light goes out.

Loosen the lug nuts then remove the wheel

Use a wrench to remove the nuts and place them in a small container on the side so they don’t get lost. Remove the wheel from the hub and fold it up to make room for your work. If the wheel seems to be sticking to the hub, use a rubber mallet to loosen it.

Locate the ABS sensor along the hubcap. 

Find the support ring, which is the bolt or bushing that holds the sensor in place. It is usually located along the hub. You can start by looking for the wire coming from the wheel and connecting the sensor to the car so you can find it more easily.  Accessing the sensors can be a little difficult at times, depending on how the wheels are turned.If you can’t find a sensor, your car probably has a “masked” sensor instead of an “exposed sensor.” Hidden sensors are usually located inside the hub and usually don’t need cleaning as they keep dust out. If you have problems with the hidden ABS sensor, you need to see a mechanic.

Use a hex wrench to remove the bolt covering the ABS sensor. 

Loosen the screw and keep turning the key until it is fully released. Put the bolts in a container with nuts.  If the bolts are heavily rusted or do not turn easily, spray with WD-40. Wait a few minutes and try uninstalling it again.

How to remove abs sensor without breaking it – Use pliers to pry open the ABS sensor. 

Do not lift the transducer from below as this may cause irreparable damage. Instead, grab the sensor with tweezers and gently rock it back and forth until it pops out.

If the sensor doesn’t come off the tire hub, try moving the clip from side to side or moving the sensor in a circular motion to remove any rust or grime holding it in place. The sensor is connected to the car by a cable; there is no point in unraveling the cable, so leave it where it is.

Remove dirt from the sensor

Blow out the area where the sensor is installed with compressed air. This will remove any dirt or metal debris that may have gotten into it. Turn your head or wear goggles to prevent accidental eye contact.  Don’t try to wash the area, water can cause more problems. Wipe dirt and debris from the sensor with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. There may be some interference between the sensor and the wheels, so the ABS warning light comes on. Typically, the sensor will collect dirt and small pieces of metal; gently wipe the entire sensor surface to remove any visible dirt. 

This is a fairly quick process, taking no more than a minute. Although you have to do this for each sensor, this task usually only takes about an hour.

Way 2  – Use of cleaners

Avoid using any chemical cleaners on the ABS sensor. This can damage the sensor, which means you’ll have to get a new one. Also you can use warm soap to remove the dirt as well. Make sure the sensor is completely dry before replacing.

Use a wire brush or file to gently remove stubborn rust or grime. Be careful if you decide to do this, as over cleaning can damage the sensor. Don’t apply too much pressure. Instead, lightly press the area a few times until it’s clean. In most cases, this needs to be done using old cars and gauges that show a lot of rust.

Reinstall the sensor

Move the sensor so that the wiring is exactly the same as before. After cleaning the sensor, carefully attach it and press it down to make sure it’s positioned correctly. If you can’t get it back in place, it may be blocked; try blowing compressed air into the hole again. Do not twist or twist the sensor as this may damage it.

Replace the bolt and turn it to lock the sensor in place.

Remove the bolts from the small bowl where the nuts are placed. Install the bolts on the ABS sensor and tighten with a wrench. 

When you reach the end and feel resistance, turn the latch one last time. You want it to be tight enough that it won’t come loose, but you also don’t want it to be too hard to remove the next time you need to clean the ABS sensor.

How to change a tire on a chevy silverado

Reinstall the wheel and screw the nuts into place.

Put the wheel back on the tire hub. Replace all lug nuts, making sure they are all tight. Once the wheels are in place, you can remove the jack from the vehicle. You might be able to hand tighten the nut, but it’s done with a wrench.

How to remove abs sensor without breaking it – Repeat this process on each wheel until the ABS light goes out.

After installing the first tire, start the car and check that the ABS warning light goes out. If yes, then you solved the problem the first time! Otherwise, attack the next wheel with the sensor.

If you were able to check the ABS scanner before starting this project, you probably already knew exactly which wheel had the problem. If the ABS light still comes on after cleaning all the sensors, there may be a wiring or internal problem. Visit a body shop to read the fault codes and see what else needs to be done.

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