How to remove tail lights on a car

So how to remove tail lights on a car. In this article im going to teach you guys the correct way to remove tail lights. So let me explain. First you need to check the fuse. A blown fuse usually causes both bulbs to go out. On newer vehicles, the taillights may burn out individually and/or each bulb or circuit may burn out. A fuse can blow due to other issues, so you need to check more than just a fuse, but start there. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine the location of the fuse box in your vehicle.

On older vehicles, the fuse box is located under the dashboard. On most new cars, it may be under the hood or under the dashboard. The manual will contain a picture of the label on the fuse box indicating which fuse is which. Make sure the ignition is off, remove the fuse box cover and locate the taillight fuse. Use a flashlight to check the fuse and see if it’s blown. On most new vehicles, due to the location of the fuses, the fuses must be removed for inspection. 

How to remove tail lights on a car – parts inside

If the metal part inside the taillight fuse is not damaged, the fuse is not damaged. If the metal part is cracked or broken, the fuse is blown and must be replaced. Use your fingers or tweezers to remove the fuse. Most new cars have a fuse puller in the fuse box or tool box. It is a small white plastic tool that looks like a pair of pliers. Take it to an auto shop to find a match, then buy a replacement and glue it in place to replace the blown fuse. Check the rear light wiring.

These are the taillight wires located inside the trunk lid. Open the chest to see. You can see where the wires need to be connected for the electrical system to work properly. If the cables are loose, reconnect them. On most newer vehicles, the wiring harness is located behind a panel in the trunk and cannot be accessed without removing the panel.

Check the taillight bulbs. 

If the fuses and wiring seem fine, the problem may be with the bulb itself. To check them, unscrew the rear light lens from the outside using a screwdriver. If your lens doesn’t have screws, open the trunk to access the interior lights. Unscrew defective bulbs and inspect them the same way you would any household bulb: determine if they are intact by looking at the filament inside. The bulb can be tested by tapping it with your hand to see if the filament moves or vibrates. Most taillights have separate brake/turn signal bulbs, reverse lights, taillight bulbs, side marker bulbs, and on some models, turn signal bulbs. 

In vehicles where the brakes and turn signals share the same bulb, the turn signals will flash faster than normal when the bulb burns out. This also applies if the vehicle has a burnt out turn signal bulb in the rear yellow turn signal. If the bulb is burnt out, it must be replaced. Take it to your local auto store and buy a model that matches your car. If the bulbs are in good condition, your car may have serious electrical problems. If the fuses, taillight wires, and bulbs are all good, it’s time to take the car to a mechanic. When removing a bulb to replace it, you should check the base for burnt contacts and the taillight for burnt contacts or a melted socket plate. 

Check the taillight lenses. 

Whether or not you can fix your taillights by checking the fuses, wiring, and bulbs, it’s also important to check the lenses to make sure they aren’t cracked or broken. Water entering the lens will cause the lamp to extinguish. Read on to find out how to repair a broken or cracked lens.

How to remove tail lights on a car – Remove the rear light diffuser.

Seal cracked lenses with repair tape. Using duct tape is only a temporary solution. You buy some duct tape or a resin lens repair kit and just stick it over the crack to seal it again. You want to clean and dry the area where the tape will be applied. Immediately before applying the tape, clean the area with a lint-free cloth dampened with alcohol, allow to dry, then apply the tape. Do not use window cleaner to clean this area, as the ammonia in the window cleaner will prevent the tape from sticking properly. A final cleaning with rubbing alcohol will remove most contaminants and leave a clean surface. Measure the size of the crack and cut the tape slightly larger than where the lens broke. Remove the protective film. Smooth out any air bubbles when using tape so they don’t distort the lens.

Repair holes and broken spots with lens repair resin.

If there are any nicks or cracks, you can fill the holes with plastic resin. Purchase a lens repair kit with consumables to fill in the holes. Cover the outside of the taillight with the plastic tape included in the repair kit to prevent the plastic resin from leaking. Mix the resin with the catalyst and colorant according to the instructions provided with the kit. Wear a pair of disposable gloves during this process to prevent resin from getting on your skin. Pour the resin into the syringe provided. Spray the resin into the hole making sure it covers the entire area to be filled. Leave to harden for at least 2 hours. Remove the tape and sand the surface until smooth.

How to remove tail lights on a car – Accidents

To avoid future accidents, make sure your car’s taillights are always in top condition. The life of the rear light is usually several years. But it’s best to do a thorough check every one to two years. This way you can be sure that your taillights are always working.

Car taillights are an important part of automotive safety. It sends important signals to other drivers behind you, especially when you are slowing down, about to stop, turning or driving at night. It’s best to know how to replace a blown taillight yourself. As mentioned in the steps above, this is a very simple task. Knowing how to replace a blown tail light can save you costly car light maintenance.

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