How to repair a sunroof

How repair a sunroof. Clean the manhole pan located inside the rubber seal. It is designed to collect the water that passes through the hatch. Wipe it down with a rag to remove any visible debris from the seals and hatch edges. Locate the manhole drain pipes. These are very small holes, usually in the corners of the manhole, just below the seal. Blow out the drain tubes at the base of the manhole seal with compressed air. These pipes are designed to carry water traveling through the roof down and out of the vehicle. The tubes can become clogged with dirt and debris over time and need to be cleaned. Another thing that people ask is can you replace sky slider with glass actually you can but there are safety issues if you do that.

How to repair a sunroof: clean the drains with wire

Insert a thin, flexible wire into the drain tube. A bike brake line is great for clearing sunroof drain pipes, it’s the perfect diameter and the right bend to pass through the pipes. Clean out any drainage holes you find near the base of the manhole. Twist the cable clockwise and then counterclockwise, pushing it further into the drain tube. The cable should move through the pipe with little resistance and repel small particles of dirt or debris as it travels. Be careful not to damage the drain tubes with the metal rod. If you feel strong resistance even after twisting the cable, do not pull it any further. If this happens, you should go to a specialist to have the drain pipes cleaned. Close the sunroof and pour water into the glass. Check for leaks inside the vehicle. If there are still leaks, continue to the next step. So another thing that i want to tell is that some sunroofs like cadillac cts sunroof shade repair costs crazy amount of money to replace. So be careful with your sun roofs.

Joint fixing

Look for cracks or ragged edges along the manhole seal. Some gaskets dry out slowly and crack over time due to exposure to extreme heat and cold. Scan the area around the joint for water buildup or mold. Some joints sag or lose their shape, causing water to collect in the joint cavity. As the water collects, it can eventually create holes in the gasket. Apply black liquid electrical tape to the joint. Apply a thick layer of liquid electrical tape with a brush, making sure to cover all visible signs of wear. The tape dries to form a protective, waterproof barrier. Press the tape around the seam. Allow to dry following the liquid tape manufacturer’s instructions. Close the hatch and pour water over it again. Check the interior of the car to make sure it still has leaks. If you still have problems with the sunroof, take your car to a professional service center. Leaks that are not related to the drain pipes or gaskets are usually a manufacturing defect, which can only be fixed by installing a new sunroof.

How To Repair A Sunroof – Installing A Sunroof On A Car

Select the type of hatch to install. There are several different options for aftermarket hatches. You will need to select the type of sunroof to establish the dimensions you want and the budget you need to work with. Retractable sunroofs are usually the cheapest, while fully automatic sunroofs are usually the most expensive. Folding hatches do not open. Instead, the rear of the hatch appears to be hinged at the front. Some sunroofs can be manually pushed back without having to purchase an expensive power sunroof. Power sunroofs use motors to open and close and can be purchased to open, open, or both. So if you think that where can i replace my sun roof the easiest answer for that is auto sunroof repair shops near you they will do your work fast and easily.

Measure the flat part of the roof of your car

The size of sunroof you can buy depends on the amount of space available on the roof of your car. Measure from left to right until the roof begins to curve towards the windows, then measure front to back in the same way. Although it is possible to install a sunroof that opens to the curved part of the roof, this will require special bodywork. Write down the dimensions of the flat surface of your roof to help you choose the right sunroof kit.

Purchase a sunroof kit that fits your vehicle.

Armed with the maximum sunroof dimensions your vehicle can handle, go online and find a sunroof kit that matches the type of sunroof you want with the size you need for your vehicle. Choose a sunroof that’s at least an inch smaller than the maximum dimensions so you won’t have a problem installing it. Look for a complete kit that includes weather protection, template, and wiring if you’re buying a sunroof with electronics.

How to Repair a Sunroof: Cover the Top of the Roof With Duct Tape

The masking tape will protect your roof paint from damage when you place the hatch template over it and begin the drilling and cutting process. The tape will prevent the paint from cracking or breaking when you cut it. This will save you from having to repaint the top of the car at the end of the project. Duct tape is also suitable for this purpose. Do not use duct tape or any other strong adhesive tape as this may leave marks or damage.

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