how to repair dash after airbag deployment

So today we are talking about how to repair dash after airbag deployment. Safety is one of the criteria for choosing a car. In emergency situations, the protection of the driver and front passenger is ensured by the correct operation of the SRS system. The activation of which leads to the partial destruction of the car’s dashboard. In this article, we will look at how to repair a torpedo after the airbags have deployed.

The passive safety system in the form of airbags is activated in the event of a strong blow to the forehead or side of the car against another object. Regardless of the speed of movement, the inclusion of the SRS complex is also affected by the angle of the collision. The rigidity of the collision object, and the coverage of the car. As a result, deployed airbags destroy the dashboard of the car.

How to repair dash after airbag deployment – Further explained

From the combination of the above factors. It can be seen that an accident can cause minimal damage and have catastrophic consequences for your vehicle. Therefore, the choice of repair method, do it yourself or professional. Will depend on the total amount of damage.

It is best to restore the dashboard of a badly damaged car in an auto repair shop. Such a service, according to the most conservative estimates. Will cost from 5 to 10 thousand rubles. depending on the region. The cost will be affected by the quality of the selected materials and the amount of restoration work. And the total amount may exceed 25,000 rubles.

If the car inside is not badly damaged from the inside of the accident. And it works quite stably, and you have enough manual skills and patience. You can repair the torpedo yourself after the airbag has been deployed.

Repair Methods

There are three main approaches to repairing a dashboard after an airbag has deployed

  • Functional dashboard repair includes mechanical restoration. The dashboard and steering wheel are installed in their places, and new airbags are mounted under them. After that, the program resets the information about the activation of the pillows;
  • Full repair of the dashboard of the cabin includes not only mechanical, but also cosmetic repairs. The console is dismantled, fully transported using selected materials, a new SRS is inserted under the steering wheel and hoods and reprogrammed. This method not only recreates the transport security system, but also changes its internal appearance;
  • Rough repairs are suitable for cases where the car has minimal damage and does not require major restoration procedures. In this case, the holes where the pillows used to be are filled with polyurethane foam, and the covers are installed in the same place. This method is bad because in the event of another accident, the SRS complex will not work, since there will be nothing to work. By resorting to the third type of repair, you endanger not only your life, but also the lives of your passengers.

How to repair dash after airbag deployment – What material to choose for this

When choosing a material for upholstery, car owners usually choose from four main options: vinyl, eco-leather, alcantara and genuine leather. Vinyl is often used for skins and as a console skin it is not the best option for purely aesthetic reasons. Synthetics and alcantara generally have a low degree of fusion, since at high temperatures they will instantly begin to “loom”.

Another necessary element will be glue. Glue is better to buy high-temperature. To dilute it, you need acetone and an activator. As a rule, diluted glue lasts 5-6 hours, then it begins to harden, its adhesive ability worsens, bubbles appear on the surface.

The third substance used in the repair is putty or primer, necessary to cover the surfaces to be cleaned. You can pick it up at any auto parts store, and most mid-range brands do a great job with its features. Of the tools, a hair dryer, brushes, brushes. For applying glue, a degreaser, a plastic spatula, a knife, threads can come in handy.

Step by step instructions

  • Console disassembly. Carefully, without damaging the electronics, disassemble the front console and remove the old fittings, if any. After that, thoroughly wash the panel with detergent and a brush.
  • The new material will add extra dimension to the dashboard so the dashboard cannot fall out of its original location and tools won’t fit through the holes. To avoid this, file the edges of the holes by 1-3 mm, taking into account the thickness of the coating.
  • Create templates for the new panel. Remember that the joints must be on the bends of the console. Also do not forget about seam allowances (8-10 mm).

How to repair dash after airbag deployment – Final steps

  • Sew the fabric to the pattern and try it on the panel. The “dressed” dashboard is trying to put it back in place. If everything fits perfectly and there is no gap between the devices and bends, you can proceed to the fifth step. If the panel is not holding anywhere, try filing the folds a little more. In the case of a gap between the panel and the instruments, additional millimeters can be increased by using silicone or thermoplastic grease.
  • Damage to the surface of the console is sanded and primed, and the places of breakdowns are cleaned, leveled and puttied.
  • Before gluing, the panel is treated with a degreaser and wiped with acetone or alcohol.
  • Next comes the dough. To do this, start at the top of the console and work your way down. After applying the adhesive, the material is carefully applied and leveled with a rubber spatula. You can use a hair dryer to stretch the fabric.
  • Before the final installation of the console, airbags are mounted, the program is restarted.
  • Two days later, when the glue finally sticks, the board is installed in its original place.

So this is  how to repair dash after airbag deployment. I hope this might help you see you soon.

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