how to replace lost motorcycle key

So how to replace lost motorcycle key. This the main topic that we are going to talk about. A good topic for motorcyclists lets see. There are several ways to get a new one, such as getting an ignition cylinder code that a locksmith can use, taking the entire ignition cylinder to a locksmith, completely replacing the ignition cylinder, or giving the VIN to the dealer to get a new key. Complete. I’ve been in this situation many times and learned a lot about the process. I will explain and guide you step by step and in detail what to do when you encounter such a problem.

How to replace lost motorcycle key – Get cylinder code

I bought a lot of bikes without keys from my project. If you buy an old bike, especially one you haven’t ridden in a while, it’s a great deal. Don’t let this stop you from buying a motorcycle, as getting new keys is very easy and usually not that expensive, depending on the make, model and year of the motorcycle. Replacing the keys on a newer bike might be a bit more expensive, but it’s definitely doable. The first and cheapest way to change a motorcycle key is to access the cylinder code. To do this, you must first find the firing cylinder. It’s usually located between the speedometer and tachometer in the instrument cluster.

Cylinder codes most often appear on the side of this tree.

The ignition cylinder usually has a silver rod around where you insert the key. Most of the time, this tree will have a code somewhere, usually three or four digits long you may have to drop the tree to see it. Make a note of this number and take a picture with your phone in case you misspell it. Sometimes you need to clean up a bit to see the numbers clearly. Take this code to your local locksmith. It’s best to call ahead to make sure your locksmith can make motorcycle keys. Many of them do, but not all. Locksmiths usually have tables and values ​​that can be found with the code you bring and they will be able to cut the correct key for your bike.

Take the entire firing cylinder.

Although many motorcycles have an identification code on the ignition cylinder, you may find yourself unable to locate the code because it does not exist or is not recognized. Don’t worry, you can always create a new key, you just need to do some work on it. The next option to get a new key for your motorcycle is to give the entire ignition cylinder to a locksmith. Obviously you have to unhook the firing cylinder to catch it. Before you begin disassembly, call your locksmith to make sure there is someone nearby who can use the ignition to make a new key. cylinder. Most can, but then again, some can’t.

Firing cylinder further explained

There’s usually just a wiring harness and two bolts that hold the firing cylinder in place. You need to remove these two bolts and disconnect the harness. I recommend labeling the seat belt so you can remember where it went, and putting the two bolts in a labeled bag and putting it in a safe place so it doesn’t get lost. In my experience, using the firing cylinder itself is a bit more expensive than supplying the locksmith with the cylinder code. This is also what the locksmith I visited told me directly.

Locksmiths can obtain keys from firing cylinders by printing the lock on the cylinder. This is done by a locksmith by inserting an empty key into the lock and turning it. This will connect the pins inside, which will mark where the locksmith needs to cut and file new keys.

How to replace lost motorcycle key – lost key

I think we can all agree that losing the keys to any car is very annoying. Due to their simplicity, motorcycle keys are particularly vulnerable to loss. You can take some precautions to make sure you don’t lose your keys. The first idea to keep in mind is to keep motorcycle keys in their designated place when not in use. It can be a basket, hook, shelf or whatever you see fit, and you know the keys won’t mess or move around. This habit will help you know exactly where to find your keys, and teaching other family members to respect the space will go a long way. The second thing to consider to avoid losing your keys is to keep your home organized. The clutter creates more hiding places for keys. If you’re organized, you’ll easily spot lost items, such as motorcycle keys.

Final words

If for some reason you need to put your keys in a random place, it’s a good idea to make a mental note and say out loud. The motorcycle keys Can be left any place make sure that you remember where you put them. Another precaution worth trying is to install an oversized, unsightly key fob on your motorcycle key. It can be annoying to have your keys dangling around while driving, but I find it’s a great way to never lose your keys due to the volume.

Big key investments may not be as bad as you think; you can always find something you like. For example. The last thing I can recommend you to avoid losing your motorcycle keys is to use a bluetooth locator. There are many companies that have small keychains that act as trackers. You’ll need to download the carrier-specific app on your phone. If you lose your keys, you can search the app and see the exact location of the keys.

So this is how to replace lost motorcycle key. And im ging to end the article right here. I hope that you guys enjoy this article see you soon.

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