How to reset transfer case control module silverado

So today are talking about how to reset transfer case control module silverado. In this article. Then, in fact, the transfer control module (TCCM) is used in four toilet vehicles and with a wheel traction for processing, performing and checking several movements and speeds. But how to restore the management management module when it does not work. Try to drain the remaining battery charging. Then restart the TCCM ignition and accelerator using the cable on the race, and save them for 15 seconds.

Another way is to maintain acceleration and wait a few minutes. Then release the gas pedal and give it enough time to find out the code again. Repeat the cycle 2/3 times. You can also use the TCCM fuse to 5 amperes to restore the case. In addition, if you have Silverado Chevy, you know that it is important to make a transfer module. But if you find the control module of the transmission control box, do not worry! You can restore it yourself without delivering your truck to the mechanic.

In this article, we will not only direct it for reasons for the inappropriate operation of the transfer control module, but also explain the process of restoring the transmission control module in silver. There may be few devices that the modular will stop working. Let’s look at these problems in the first place.

How to reset transfer case control module silverado – reasons why the modular will stop working


One of the reasons why the module can stop working is associated with transportation. This can happen if there is an energy failure or if the battery dies and replaces. When the energy returns, this can cause excessive damage to the module.

The problem of wiring

Another reason why the module can stop working is a problem with wiring. This can happen if the cables that connect the module to the transmission frame are free or damaged.

Module failure

The module can also be removed over time. As a rule, this is due to wear, and this is not always possible to avoid.

Damage to water

You can also stop working if you are wet. This can happen if the truck drives in the rain or if the water enters the module.

How to reset transfer case control module silverado – How can you reset modular

Whatever the type of vehicle with the transfer control module, it is necessary to park and extinguish the vehicles. The implementation of this procedure can be very simple as soon as the user carefully performs each of the following steps. Many novice users can make a mistake in one of these steps. Depending on the error made, other parts and functions of the vehicle can be unbalanced and defective. After turning off the vehicle, the key must be deleted. When this happens, the operator must press the switch of the transmitter block and the door opens. The same button should be driven twice in seconds. As soon as the buttons have been in a hurry, the door must be closed.

Then, as soon as the previous step has been executed, the ignition button must be turned in one direction and the other in just 5 seconds. This switch must be placed in the state, followed by a rapid return to a violin state. This brief procedure must be carried out at least four times to obtain the expected result and continue the procedure. Using the transmitter, the locking button should only press once, and this must be done with precision, while the key turns in the direction of the configuration of the stop from the switch D ‘ignition.

How to reset transfer case control module silverado – The final steps

There is a restart button, which is generally installed next to the device panel. This button is located next to the driver’s seat for easy work. So as soon as a person finds this button, he must press and support him. Pressing this button in a second will be sufficient. It is important to repeat the ignition change procedure here, transforming it twice from one place to another. This means that the switch must be turned between the ignition configuration and disabled it.

Then, if the previous step has been completed, the user converts any start -up key exactly in Off. This is why it is necessary that the transmitter pressing the locking button at this time, and this step should only be taken once at the right time. Here you can see the message indicated by Check Trans in a few seconds. This message appears after TCCM recovery. As soon as this message disappears from the corresponding screen, it can also be noted that its restart no longer flashes.

Any start -up key must be turned to complete the TCCM restart procedure, and this procedure should only be carried out once when the key to extinguish.

For the last step, do it. In some situations, it is useful to notice a clear sign that the problem has not yet been resolved. This is exactly what happens when the control control continues to appear on the corresponding screen. However, this remains a simple procedure that everyone can perform in most cases. However, you should know that certain problems with TCCM can still occur. So, if that’s what’s going on, it is important to have expert work and the diagnosis of vehicles. It may be the best way to solve certain problems and avoid standard electronic component errors.

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