how to stop trunk from rattling with subs

So how to stop trunk from rattling with subs. Lets make sure that you know how to act when you ran into a this kind of situation. A subwoofer is a great way to improve the sound quality of your car. While they’re great for playing bass and accompaniment to your favorite songs, you may notice some unpleasant sounds from the subwoofer. So how do you stop the subwoofer from making noise in the car?

How to stop trunk from rattling with subs – Bass with Equalizer

Lowering the bass on the equalizer is the easiest way to keep the subwoofer in your car from rattling. Modern equalizers allow you to control a specific frequency range of your speakers. Most equalizers offer a balance between high, mid, and low. Bass refers to the lower pitches of music, such as bass notes or hip-hop beats. Subwoofers are designed to amplify these sounds. Most of the time, it’s these notes that cause your car to rattle.

By turning down the bass, your car speakers should have a lot less. While the reduced bass won’t directly address the source of your car’s thumping noise, it should alleviate the problem in the short term.

Tighten the subwoofer screws

Your subwoofer itself could be the source of your car’s rattle. Just like any other car part, the screws on the subwoofer can come loose. Turn on the music and watch the subwoofer carefully in action. If they do close the door, it’s time to tighten the screws. Make sure the screws are tight enough to prevent leaks, but not tight enough to bend the subwoofer frame or expose the screw holes.

Notice: Did you know that the honda accord trunk replacement cost around 600$ to 1000$ with the labor cost.

Replacing a burnt out subwoofer

A burned-out subwoofer can also vibrate your car. You can blast the subwoofer by playing loud music or screeching sounds. To check if the subwoofer has burned out, listen to see if the sound quality has deteriorated. A damaged subwoofer can cause crackling, popping, and static in the sound. If you suspect damage to the subwoofer, check its cone, the rounded part of the speaker. If the cone is hard or stationary, your subwoofer is damaged. You should also check for any small cracks, tears or holes.

  • You will need to remove the speakers to repair the subwoofer yourself.

How to stop trunk from rattling with subs – Find spare parts

Loose internal parts can also cause rattling. Keep an eye on your glove box, console and cup holders to make sure they don’t rattle after checking the inside. I recommend checking the internals for looseness before the externals, as most internals are easier to fix. Interior details tend to be aesthetic or functional rather than functional. Therefore, they are less harmful to discomfort.

How to test a car radio without installing

Also, many interior details can be restored with household products. For example, you can install additional pads around the cup holders to limit movement. However, if you’re looking for a more serious interior repair, consider taking your car to a mechanic.

Check out your registration

Before moving on to the more important exterior details, I recommend checking the license plate. Due to its metallic composition, a loose license plate can make a lot of noise when it rattles. It’s easy to tell if your license plate vibrates when you’re listening to music on your car speakers. Turn on the music, get out of the car and take a look. If your license plate vibrates or you hear a jingling sound from the back of your car, your license plate is most likely the culprit. Protecting your license plate is easy. You can simply use high density foam tape to cover all four sides of the license plate. Then drill holes in the tape to reattach the board to the car.

Does the subwoofer work?

It is important to have a basic understanding of your subwoofer before attempting to diagnose the problem. The subwoofer consists of the main components.

For those unfamiliar with the science of acoustics, amplifiers convert sound waves into AC sine waves. Alternating current works by changing the voltage between positive and negative values. The amplifier can supply positive voltage to the subwoofer. In this case, the voice coil and cone advance separately. When the amplifier supplies negative voltage to the subwoofer, the voice coil and cone move back accordingly. The distance they travel depends on the magnitude of the voltage. The back-and-forth movement allows the cone to push the air and produce sound.

How to stop trunk from rattling with subs – Why is your subwoofer making noise?

Your subwoofer may be whistling for a variety of reasons. Some of them are related to component issues, while others may be your fault. Generally, these reasons may be:

Free Components

One of the most obvious causes of rattling is loose parts. Inside the subwoofer are several key components such as the voice coil, air gap and housing.

How to stop trunk from rattling with subs – powerful subwoofer

Each subwoofer has a specific rating. This determines how much power it can handle. If the volume is turned up too high, the sound may be distorted. The result could be a rattling sound inside the submarine. Not only will this damage the subwoofer, but it will also sound terrible. As the volume of the signal increases, the voltage of the signal also increases. If you increase the volume beyond its limit, the cone may advance too far. Because these components are not designed to exceed these limits, they will eventually destroy your cones, surrounds, and other components. Also, a negative voltage signal can cause the coil to move too far back. The voice coil may touch the rear of the subwoofer. This can severely damage the controller and reel. In fact, the coil can even get stuck in the voice coil air gap.

So now we know how to stop trunk from rattling with subs. So see you guys soon bye for now.

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