how to turn on passenger airbag nissan pathfinder

How to turn on passenger airbag Nissan pathfinder. This is the main topic for todays article. In the US, since 1999, car manufacturers have been required to install airbags for the driver and front passenger. Airbags help prevent serious head, chest, and other injuries in a car crash. The bag is designed to be inflated in less than a second after a car accident; therefore. It acts as a cushion and prevents head and chest impacts on the hard surfaces of the car.

How to turn on passenger airbag nissan pathfinder – Function

In a moving car, the passenger has momentum. Which is the product of the mass of the person and the speed of the car. In a collision, the occupant may hit the dashboard or windshield, which acts as a force on the occupant and may seriously injure them. The airbag adds a damping force, known as “shock”, which prevents the occupant from hitting the dashboard. According to the University of Washington. “An airbag should begin to deflate (i.e., reduce internal pressure) the moment a body hits it.” otherwise compressed air will create a hard surface.


Airbag crash sensors take 15 to 20 milliseconds to determine whether or not to activate the airbag. If the sensors activate the airbag. It only takes about 20 milliseconds for the airbag to deploy for the passenger to land safely.

How to turn on passenger airbag nissan pathfinder – how airbags work

The airbag system consists of a sensor capable of detecting frontal collisions and immediately deploying the airbags. The sensor consists of a sliding steel ball. The ball is held by a permanent magnet, which restricts the movement of the ball when the vehicle is driven over rough roads. But when a car crashes, the ball moves very fast and starts an electrical circuit. An electrical circuit ignites the sodium azide pellet. This generates nitrogen gas which fills the nylon bag.


The airbag system is not fail-safe. Crash sensors tell the airbag to deploy only if the vehicle is moving at a speed of at least 6 kilometers per hour. In the event of a side impact, the front airbags do not help.

The role of seat belts.

The time it takes for the airbag to deploy depends on whether the seat belt is fastened or not. According to Dr. Spock’s website, because too many people don’t wear seat belts, airbags are designed to inflate with explosive force. The force of deployment can cause serious injury to a person sitting very close to the airbag. Because of this risk, a child seat should never be installed in the front seat, as this may cause the child to be too close to the airbag.

How to turn on passenger airbag nissan pathfinder – Airbag Disadvantages

Standard safety features such as seat belts.

Countless thousands of people have been saved by this ingenious solution, but as with most things, there are horror stories of things going wrong and hurting people.

Statistics show that less than 100 people in the United States have been fatally injured by airbags, and it’s important to remember that no matter how many tragic stories are true, airbags save everyone’s days on the world’s roads.

powerful inflation

The standard airbag deploys at about 200 mph, and combined with crash-related deceleration, the airbag hits very hard. This led to claims of injuries caused by the deployment of airbags. Unfortunately, there is another option – to rush head-on.

Is it safe for babies?

One of the most common airbag horror stories involves children in child seats in front of the car being crushed when the airbag deploys. According to reports, most of these tragedies were caused by parents installing a rear-facing child seat on the seat against the manufacturer’s instructions. This means that when the airbag deploys, the back of the child seat absorbs all of the impact, pushing the child’s head towards the back of the passenger seat.

Is it safe for children?

Young children are injured when the airbag deploys with such force that it can damage underdeveloped neck and back muscles. Road safety experts recommend that children under 12 should only sit in the back seat to avoid this type of injury.

How to turn on passenger airbag nissan pathfinder – average person

Airbags are designed to protect the average person in the event of a car accident. This means less, more and above all things. But to an average person also air bags can harm as well.

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