you may legally park your vehicle

So you must wondering or you must confused how I’m going to park legally. For you we going to talk how you may legally park your vehicle. There so many ways that you can park your vehicle. But sometimes you may think you parked correctly unfortunately but it can be illegal. Let’s see how you can do it correctly. So the first thing that comes when parking your vehicle is double yellow lines. Double yellow lines means parking is not permitted at any time. That means you can’t park on double yellow lines. But if you’re unloading something it might not be restrict.  Or in some cases blue badge holders can park on yellow lines for maximum three hours. If you wonder what will be the fine for parking on double yellow lines. It may cost up to 100$ if you pay witching time you might get a discount.

For the next one let’s see about single yellow line. Single yellow line means no parking, no waiting and you can’t even unload or load anything. These restrictions can be lifted up in the evenings or in the week ends. So be careful where you going to park. As the double yellow lines blue badge holders can park for 3 hours maximum.  Next one is red route stopping control. Red route stopping control is one red line or two. As the same as yellow you can’t park or unload things on red lined areas. But there some will say you can park on 7am 7pm on red lines. So pay attention to signs if there no sign that you can park so don’t park on red lines. In this case blue badge holders also only allowed if red lines allowed them to park.

How you may legally park your last few tips

Ok for the main last two signs will be clearways and loading bays. So let’s see what clearways is. You can easily find what is a clearway the sign has Red Cross over blue background. So this means in this area no parking at any time. And you can’t even stop to drop a passenger or pickup one. This sign areas are restricted for parking so don’t even think about stop. You can’t even stop your vehicle as I say. There will be a sign at the start that indicate this is a clearway. And will say the length of the clearway as well. So don’t stop until the clearway ends. Next one is loading bays. This places are reserved for specific activities. The surrounding of the parking will say loading only. These parking only for loading Lorries so don’t park your car in there unless you want a ticket.

What should you after parking your vehicle for greatest safety tips for keep your car safely 

So now we talked about parking signs and another main thing that need to discuss after that is safety. You might have a concern after parking your vehicle about will it be safe. Or did I park correctly because you don’t want a parking ticket when you come back. So why safe parking is important main reason is you don’t want your vehicle stolen. And you don’t want to attend court for parking violations. So if you want to avoid these you can try these steps. First one is parking your vehicle in dedicated parking only. If you want to park your vehicle don’t park anywhere park some places that dedicated to parking only. Next step that you can follow is parking your vehicle in area that more vehicles park. And your parking lot must have light. Because you don’t want your vehicle parts stolen.

For the next step please don’t park your cat next to large vehicles like Lorries. The reason for this is big vehicle can’t get hard turns. So when they are turning your vehicle might get damaged. And another reason is parking next to big vehicles can provide good cover for thieves. They will get good chance steal your car parts without getting noticed. So don’t inspire thieves for steal your car parts that will end badly for you. And make sure you’re taking extra precaution if you’re parallel parking. Because parallel parking is so hard even for well-seasoned drivers. Make sure you avoid any collision with other vehicles. And last step is make sure you have dash and reverse cameras in your car. It might help you when parking or something else happen to your car. Make sure that you follow these steps and you will be good.

You may legally park your vehicle-Tips when you driving in the city may help you avoid traffic

You might think how road signs do with traffic let me explain. Most people get tickets for traffic violations more than for parking. So this is for them as an extra little article piece. We going to talk about how we can avoid traffic and stay away from getting tickets for that. So for this first step will be if you know you going to stuck in a traffic. First things you must do is mapping alternative routes. Most cars now comes with a mapping system that you can mark your path. So if you know there will be traffic in your route take alternative paths to avoid it. The next step time how you going to avoid the traffic. If you know usually there will be traffic at this time. Make sure you time correctly an escape before the traffic. And make sure you paying attention to signs.

So today we talked about how you may legally park your vehicle and a few other things. I think you got the idea. And I hope we will meet again soon with another article. Have a great week.

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