Ram rebel front bumper conversion

Ram rebel front bumper conversion. So today we are going to talk about few issues the you can run into with your vehicle. One of the most common issues that can happen to a vehicle and people not talking is the bumper issues. So today i decided talkabout few bumper issues that you need to know. Determine if you can use this method. This will only work if your vehicle allows you to enter from below and into the deck opening from below. Otherwise, use another method. Turn on the heater. Start heating the uneven area in a circular motion. Lie down on the ground below the area where the lump is and prepare to use the heated fan. Heat the dent under the bumper cover. Heat around the print in a circular motion for about 3-5 minutes. Take an object or stick and push the dent behind the bumper cover. If you wear gloves, you can push the bump with your hands. Note that some force is required to fully drive out the dent.

Ram rebel front bumper conversion – Or Remove the bumper cover

Open the trunk and remove the taillights. There will be screws and latches that need to be removed. Loosen the bolts behind the taillights in the trunk. There are also screws and latches on top of the bumper cover . Remove the screws  from the lower panel skirt attached to the bumper cover. For this you will need a screwdriver. Some vehicles can also have shots.

Loosen the screws that hold the bumper cover to the side panel. Remove the car bumper cover. Turn on the heating. Heat in a circular motion around the notch on the outside of the bumper cover, then heat around the notch on the back of the bumper cover. Do this for about 3-5 minutes on each side. When the bumper cover is hot, take a long object, a stick, or a gloved hand and start pushing through the dent. Once the dent is gone, reinstall the bumper cover on the car. Be sure to replace any screws you have removed.

Prepare the bumper

Remove the protective plastic cover or cover it with tape. In order not to paint other parts of the car, you can remove and paint the bumper separately, or put the bumper on the body and carefully cover the body. Bumper removal works best when scratches or cracks are repaired before repainting.

Ram rebel front bumper conversion – Thoroughly clean bumper covers with degreaser and water

Clean the surface with an adhesive cloth and soapy water. Using a degreaser, such as kitchen soap, will help remove dirt and oil, leaving your bumper cover clean and ready for painting. If there are accumulations of dirt or wax on the surface of your car, the paint will not adhere properly.

Dampen the bumper cover with 600 grit sandpaper in different directions. Run your hand across the bumper to find any rough edges. Wet these areas by hand with a spray bottle and 600-grit sandpaper. Keep an even layer of water between the sandpaper and the bumper when you spray over the area you’re working on. Be sure to change directions, back and forth, up and down when sanding for a smooth, flawless finish. Wipe the bumper cover with a clean tack cloth. Wipe away dirt and sanding dust with a soft cloth. The surface must be clean and dry for the paint to adhere well.

Ram rebel front bumper conversion

Or also you can use a spray can or gun to apply a coat of primer and allow to dry. Hold the gun or spray can about 12 inches (30 cm) from the surface and apply the primer in a smooth motion, which should be the same color as the rest of the car. Each stroke overlaps 50% for smooth, even coverage. Let the layer dry for 30 minutes. To protect yourself from harmful fumes, be sure to wear protective gear, such as a face shield and gloves, when painting. If you use a spray gun, be sure to spray the bumper a few times to clean the nozzle. Sand imperfections with 1500 grit sandpaper and wipe clean. After the first coat is dry, check for streaks or blemishes. Moisten them with a spray bottle and sandpaper. Wipe off the dust with a clean tack cloth. Repeat the painting, drying and sanding process 1-2 more times. After sanding the new coating, be sure to wipe down the bumper cover with a clean, tack rag. 

So now you know about bumpers better that that you never knew so i will explain you guys the easiest way to do this type of things in the future as well. So as usual that i gotta say that i hope that you guys enjoyed this type of content and i will see you guys soon as possible.

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