Range rover key turns but wont start

So range rover key turns but wont start. Our repair center always get that range rovers won’t start. Most range rover owners get confused with this issue to another complicated one. But the actual issue is literally a little thing. Im going to explain what we do in this kind of situations.  The Range Rover Sport is a reliable companion on the road, but it’s a machine with hundreds of interconnected parts, and like any other machine, sometimes it just doesn’t work very well. In this article, we will look at the most common causes of Range Rover Sport breakdowns and how to fix them. The most common reasons for a Range Rover Sport not starting properly are: dead remote control battery, dead 12 volt battery, corroded battery terminals, damaged alternator, clogged fuel filter, damaged starter, blown fuse, fuel tank. empty fuel, immobilizer error or any electrical system malfunction.

Range rover key turns but wont start – Low battery

If your Range Rover Sport’s engine won’t run or runs very slowly, the most likely cause is a dead or discharged 12 volt battery. Further investigation and checking the battery voltage will tell if the starting problem is caused by the battery. Tests can be performed to measure the voltage at the battery poles, check the acidity and assess the condition of the starter battery. If a new car battery is installed, it may not have reached full capacity. Nothing to worry about. A new battery only reaches its full capacity over time.

12v battery test

The Range Rover Sport battery voltage can be accurately measured using a multi meter. Before testing, install the multi meter in the battery voltage range and connect it to the positive and negative poles. A successful car battery test, i.e. voltage test, will typically return a value of around 100.12-13 volts. If the values above 14 you need a expert as well. Assessment of the condition of the car battery. As part of these measures, the battery may fail and must be replaced.

Range Rover Sport Quick Start

If your Range Rover Sport is malfunctioning due to a dead battery, you can easily jump start it with a jumper cable and a good battery from another vehicle or with a battery booster. First connect the red cable to the positive terminal of the discharged Range Rover Sport battery, then to the positive terminal of the donor battery. Then connect the black cable to the negative post of the donor battery and then to the bare metal in the engine compartment of the Range Rover Sport. Start your donation car, then start your Range Rover Sport. Remove the cables in the reverse order.

Battery corrosion

Corrosion of car battery contacts can lead to loss of contact and reduced current, which means your engine will no longer be able to start properly. To find out if your Range Rover Sport is having starting problems due to dirty battery contacts, you have to look into it. If you lift the rubber covers of the two battery terminals, you can check for corrosion. If you notice a white coating or a silver-green coating, but there are no more cracks or damage, the battery does not need to be changed, just clean it.

Range rover key turns but wont start – Clean the battery from corrosion

To clean the Range Rover Sport battery, first remove the polarized cables, this does not require any experience, just a little concentration is enough, because the order is very important. First thing you need to do is removing the black wire from the negative terminal slowly. If the hose clamp is tight, you can open it with pliers. We recommend that you don’t use metal tweezers, but if you do, make sure you don’t touch other parts of your body. You can then disconnect the positive red cable. After removing the battery from the circuit, you can start cleaning the rusty battery. After cleaning, reconnect the terminals.

Key battery is low

If your Range Rover Sport is fitted with a start/stop button, your vehicle may not start due to a low battery in the remote. Don’t worry, you can still start the car – the battery is only used to send the lock/unlock signal. If the key fob battery is exhausted, the door no longer locks or opens when pressing a button. The door must then be opened manually. You need to know the immobilizer is controlled by a passive transponder as well. Passive means, among other things, that the key’s transponder does not need its own power supply.

How to start a Range Rover Sport with a dead key battery

If your Range Rover Sport model only has a key fob with an on/off button and there is nowhere to insert the key. Try placing the key fob as close to the on button as possible stop. Then start the car. does not work, refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual. For the exact location of the key fob, as it may vary by model.

  • You can try starting the Range Rover Sport with a second key. This will also rule out any other issues with the first key, such as water damage.

Range rover key turns but wont start – Broken starter

The starter is the electric motor used to start the Range Rover Sport engine. The average life of a starter is around 100,000 to 150,000 miles. And if the engine is started more often, its life will be shortened. In any case, the life of the starter is also limited, it will break down after a long time of use, if the starter is broken. The engine will not start. When you turn the key to start the engine of your Range Rover Sport. You hear a clicking sound, a sign of a bad starter. If the starter does not run on a healthy battery, suspect a bad starter.

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