Range rover rear door won't open from inside

So range rover rear door won’t open from inside. Recently we got a range rover for services the owner said that his rear door won’t open from inside sometimes. He thought that actually a major issue but actually this is not a major issue. This is a common issue. Let me explain to you guys.  They not only make everyday tasks easier, but also become one of the centers where we create memories and embark on complex journeys that shape who we are. Just as home is the heart of the family, our cars also play a vital role in our lives.

Range rover rear door won’t open from inside – The doors do not open from the inside or the outside

Just as our homes will undergo changes and renovations, so will our cars. Preventive maintenance is an important procedure to ensure the longevity of our vehicles. Even though preventative maintenance can solve most problems, we still have unscheduled repairs that we need to be aware of. One of the most common issues that can surprise most people is the problem of stuck doors that sometimes won’t open from inside or outside.

Connection problem

A common cause of a stuck car lock is a broken connection with the door latch. When diagnosing a problem, check all internal and external connections, door lock cylinders and internal lock switches. The door will jam in one of these positions. This cause range rover rear door won’t open from inside.

Rust and dirt buildup

Another way is to accumulate rust and dirt, as this can cause the door to stick. Rust collects on the door lock assembly and locks the latch. It can also happen due to broken internal parts.

Damage to main structure

This damage usually occurs after an accident. In this case, the latch may be damaged, causing the lock to jam. The door latch can be detached from the door lock assembly. Structural damage can occur in accidents of any severity.

Dead locks

This is a problem caused by a function lock installed on certain car models. This may be due to the button on the remote that activates the lock.

Broken lock

Here the car cannot be opened either from the inside or from the outside, because one of the locks is broken. If the door locks work and we can still get into the car, this problem can be easily solved. A broken lock can also be a sign of weak car parts. This should be checked with a local car service.

Damaged door

Finally, when the problem isn’t with the locking system, move on to the next obvious possibility that the door won’t open from the inside or the outside: a broken door. It is not the same as a dead end. The whole locking system may work fine, but you will still find that your door cannot be opened from inside or outside. One of the most common range rover rear door won’t open from inside issue is this. 

How do car doors work?

Mechanically, the doors are not a very complex assembly. It works just like the door to your house, with just a few extra parts. When you pull the door handle, the latch sinks into the body of the door. This allows the door to open. Once closed, the latch will come out preventing the door from opening. Alternatively, a locking mechanism can be used to keep the latch from opening until you unlock the door and open it. Since you can lock and unlock the door remotely, some interior parts move automatically. It is a series of rods and links that run along the inside of the door. You’ll never see them until you remove the door panels spoiler alert, you’ll do that later.

It also uses actuators to force movement. The mechanical out put receive signals as well. There are also wires going through the door. They connect to things like the door lock and unlock buttons, power window controls and automatic side mirror controls.

Range rover rear door won’t open from inside – Open the door

The first step is to open the door. If your door is always open from the outside, do it now. If it does not open at all, skip this step. Instead, open the door opposite and take the place where the door is blocked.

Remove Bolts, Screws and Window Handles

During this process, you will work inside the door. It will have a lot of plastic and maybe synthetic leather. Start by using a screwdriver to remove the bolts and screws that you can see. One can be near the handle and the other in the pocket near the door and window knobs. The plastic trim under the door may also have screws. The challenge here is to start unscrewing and removing any parts that might get in your way as you work. If you have a window handle, delete that too.

Range rover rear door won’t open from inside – Remove the handle

It may be necessary to remove the vehicle’s interior handle to perform the following steps. For newer vehicles, you probably don’t need to do this. Instead, remove the plastic trim with the power window buttons.

Remove the door panel

In my opinion, this is the most interesting step. After removing all the screws, you can completely remove the plastic door panel from the car. To do this, grab it by the sides and twist it slightly upwards. If the door is completely jammed, it will be a difficult process as there is not much room to work with. On some vehicles, you may need to use a screwdriver to pry the panel up before removing it. Try not to damage the panel at this stage. I recommend doing this on warm days as things can break on cold days.

Range rover rear door won’t open from inside – Remove the plastic barrier

It will be exposed to a clear plastic barrier. This prevents water from entering the car from the outside and also protects the electronics inside the doors. Remove it carefully and save it for later use because it is very important. The door with the plastic trim inside the door panels is removed to expose the sheet metal door trim. Once done, you should have full access to the inside of the door. We can now proceed to the formal solution of the problem If your door is not opening out of nowhere, this is a good opportunity to finally open the door. You can use multiple links to force open the doors, so you can now operate the doors from outside the car.

This is all i got to say about Range rover rear door won’t open from inside. I hope that this article helped you with your issue. And this is the answer to most cars door issues as well. 

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