Safe auto windshield replacement

For today’s article I’m going to explain to you guys how to replace a windshield. Safe auto windshield replacement. People think this is actually a hard process to do but it is actually the easiest thing that you can replace on a vehicle. So if you follow these steps you can easily do this. Safe auto windshield replacement. Hire an assistant. You will need at least one other strong and competent person to help you remove and install your new windshield. Windshields are difficult to handle and can be dangerous. Be very careful when removing the windshield and have someone help you move it. Replace your windshield when it’s cracked, broken or damaged. A damaged windshield is illegal and can affect your vision. If you have cracks, replace your windshield as soon as possible to avoid a fine or more serious damage.

Before embarking on this project, check with your insurance company to see if windshield replacement is covered. If so, you can take your car to a body shop to have it replaced without breaking the bank. If the condition is serious enough that you are concerned that the windshield could crack, avoid driving the vehicle if possible and have the windshield repaired or replaced. If possible, keep a vehicle with a cracked windshield indoors and in a more stable temperature environment without replacing the windshield. It will also reduce the risk of temperature changes caused by the defroster or heater blowing on a cold windshield or cold air from the air conditioner hitting a warm windshield.

Safe auto windshield replacement – Protect yourself and your car from damage

Cover the front seats and dashboard with a heavy blanket or tarp to protect them from glass, debris, or any drops of urethane, a chemical used to seal windshields in place. You and your helper should always wear protective gloves and goggles while working. Use a socket wrench to remove both wiper arms. Set them aside and log back in later. Remove and discard the clips around the windshield trim. These can be inside or outside the car. Since your new windows need new ones, you can throw them away.

Remove the moldings that protect the old windshield.

You may need to use a knife or crowbar to remove it first; Some trim parts require special trim removal tools to prevent damage to the trim. Also remove the urethane weatherstripping, leaving only the windshield. You can also use a pocket knife to cut the seal around the perimeter before trying to remove it. Lubricate the perimeter of the windshield seal with a silicone-based lubricant. This will make it easier to slide the windshield later. Apply lubricant to the edge between the windshield and the frame.

Wait a few minutes for the lubricant to penetrate the crack before continuing. Make sure you have cut all seams around the windshield with a cutter to remove the windshield. Very carefully move the round bar between the washer and the windshield frame. When sliding the rod around it, lubricate it with glass cleaner for best results.

Use suction cups designed for windshields to remove the glass

ecurely attach the large suction cups that you can buy online to the glass. Pull up with even pressure while a friend pushes the windshield from the inside. It may be easier for the person inside to push on the window first, loosen the window, then pull the suction cup. Ask the person in the car to recline the back of the seat so they can put their foot on the window and push off with their leg.  Do not climb on the hood or roof of the car, it may damage the body.

The windshield can come off, so make sure you’re stable and balanced and don’t tip backwards. Dispose of your windshield responsibly. Windshields should be thrown in the landfill and not in your garden. Check to see if your state offers a windshield recycling program or if your local auto mechanic will take care of it for you. Cover the windshield with a thick blanket when transporting to avoid cutting broken edges.

Get a new windshield

Make sure you have the right car for your make, model and year. Before starting work, clean the dust from the new windshield with water and a brush. Remove the old polyurethane sealant from the frame. If you still have putty or weather stripping on your car, use a knife and gloves to carefully remove and dispose of it. Apply a polyurethane primer to the windshield and window wells. Using a paintbrush, add a small amount of primer to the entire inside edge of the window. You only need a one inch wide strip. Next, apply primer to the windshield socket as well. Let the primer dry. Do not touch the primer or the oil on your fingers will prevent the sealant from adhering to the window or frame.

Safe auto windshield replacement – Install the windshield clips

Although they come in many different shapes, they are all secured by sliding them over the tabs at the top of the windshield plug and tapping them firmly in place with a hammer. Use a caulking gun to apply polyurethane to window openings. Apply the urethane evenly to the entire frame, working quickly to avoid drying out. Using a v-shaped nozzle will help the polyurethane sit higher and create a better seal with the windshield.

Quickly install the windshield in place. Keep the new windshield nearby, with the suction cups already installed, so you can quickly attach it to the car before the polyurethane dries. Once in place, push it gently but firmly into the window. Use a knife or other long object to clean off excess urethane. This is also a good time to push bubbly polyurethane between the car and the windshield. You want to create a perfect seal to hold the windshield in place and keep the rain out.  Replace your putty and any trim. Take the mold out of the car and push it firmly into the frame, sealing off any exposed areas between the windshield and the car. Reinstall the hood and wiper arms.

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