Toyota auris hybrid starting problems

So what are the toyota auris hybrid starting problems. Toyota auris is one of the most controversial vehicles that ever built. They started very good but with the time vehicle start to show lot of errors. Even our own repair station have dozens of toyota auris type vehicle with the starting issue. So let me explain some answers to you guys. The most common reasons for a Toyota Auris not starting are a weak battery, corroded battery terminals, poor starter motor electrical connection, poor grounding, and a faulty starter motor.

Toyota auris hybrid starting problems – Low battery

The main reason why Toyota Auris clicks and won’t start is a weak battery. If you hear a click in the engine compartment when you try to start the car, that means the battery has enough charge to activate the solenoid where the click is coming from. But the issue is the the power is not enough to start the starter. The starter requires a lot of current to start the engine, while the headlights and windshield wipers require very little current; therefore do not exclude a discharged battery even if the electrical accessories are working correctly on your Auris.

Flashing dashboard lights, quick clicks

Another sign of a low battery on the Auris is when trying to start the engine, the dashboard lights flash and/or click rapidly. If the battery does not have enough power to power the starter and you try to crank the engine, the battery voltage may be so low that it cannot properly turn on the lights, accessories, and starter. The click could be coming from a relay in the fuse box or an activation solenoid.

How to Check Battery on Auris

The easiest way to check the battery for 12v in Auris is to measure the voltage with a multimeter. A healthy battery should have a voltage of 12.6V or more when fully charged. But keep in mind that a voltmeter will only give you a rough idea of ​​your battery’s condition. A battery that sometimes shows more than 12.4 volts may not be able to provide enough current to start the engine.

Voltage Drop Test 

You can also test the battery voltage drop when trying to start the engine. If the voltage drops too low, below 10 volts, your battery does not have enough power to start the engine. This could be due to internal battery degradation, prolonged parking of the vehicle, or a malfunctioning Auris alternator not charging the battery properly.

Toyota auris hybrid starting problems – How to start Auris quickly

To rule out a dead battery, the best thing to do is to jump-start your Auris with a jumper cable and a good battery from another car, or use a battery booster if you have one.


  • Both vehicles must have their engines and transmissions turned off when parked.

Connect the red cable to the positive terminal of the discharged Auris battery.  Also Connect the other end of the red cable to the positive pole of the donor battery. Connect the black cable to the negative terminal of the donor battery. Finally, connect the other end of the black wire to any exposed, unpainted metal part of the. Auris body or engine.

  • Connecting the black cable directly to the negative terminal of an Auris battery will ignite flammable battery gas due to sparking.

Get your Auris. Remove the cables in the reverse order.

If the engine of a battery-powered vehicle is running during a jump start, there is always a risk that the alternator or other electrical components will burn out. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off the engine of the given car when starting your Auris.

Bad battery connection

Your Toyota Auris’ battery may be good, but power is interrupted due to loose electrical connections, broken cables, or corroded battery terminals.

Corrosion of battery terminals

Battery corrosion is a common problem, especially if the installed battery is more than 2 years old. Corrosion occurs when battery acid reacts with metal terminals, which can lead to loss of contact and reduced current. If there is not enough current to start the engine, you may only hear the click of the starter solenoid when you try to start the engine.

Check the battery terminals

To find out if the Auris starting problem with dirty battery terminals is related, you need to investigate it. Lift the plastic cover over the terminals and inspect for signs of corrosion. If you see white deposits or silver-green deposits but no other cracks or damage, you may not need to replace the battery, just clean it.

If the battery terminals are badly corroded, the battery is terminal and it’s time to start buying a new battery.

Toyota auris hybrid starting problems – Clean the battery terminals

There is a little trick to clean the battery terminals of your Auris from corrosion in less than a minute. Pour boiling water over the rusty terminals and the corrosion will disappear. Do one terminal at a time, don’t let the puddle on the top of the battery touch both terminals at the same time, it will short the battery. To deep clean the battery of Toyota Auris, you must first remove the wires from the terminals, it does not require any experience, only a little concentration is enough, because the order is very important. Begin by removing the black wire from the negative terminal with an adjustable wrench or pliers. You can then disconnect the cable from the red positive terminal. Be careful not to touch the two terminals with metal tools, it would be a costly mistake. After removing the battery from the circuit, you can start cleaning the rusty battery with sandpaper. After cleaning, connect the wires in reverse order, positive first, then negative.

Poor starter electrical connection.

With the battery removed, it’s time to check the starter power cable and its connection from the battery to the Auris starter. The power supply to the starter may be interrupted due to corrosion of the connections or loose connections. The click is coming from the starter solenoid, which is still energized because it has a separate circuit, but the starter is not powered by the battery.

If you find corrosion, clean the affected connectors and terminals with sandpaper. In addition, it is recommended to check the voltage of the starter and perform a continuity test from the battery to the starter with a multimeter. The voltage should be greater than 12 volts. Battery voltage and the resistance should be zero ohms or very close to zero.

Toyota auris hybrid starting problems – Rodent 

If a rodent such as a rat, rat or squirrel bites the wire that starts the motor, the motor may draw little or no current. Look in the engine compartment for bite marks and check the jumper cables. If the cable is damaged, replace it with a new one.

So this is all you need to know about what are the toyota auris hybrid starting problems. I have explained that you need to know as well. This is the exact same answer that customers get when they bring a not starting auris.

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