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So we need check facts about traffic school quiz 2 then you can actually understand what they are saying. For the start we need to know what traffic school is simply. Traffic school is an online or class based program that teaches you driving lessons. They teach safety on the road, improve your driving skills and increase your knowledge. There benefits that if you successfully complete the course successfully with licensed driving school. First on is violations will be hidden from public view. And the accumulated points also will be removed. Best thing is insurance companies will no longer available to see your violation. So the can’t charge you high insurance rates anymore. Let’s how you can attend to a traffic school. If you want to attend to a traffic school your state court must allow you to attend. You need to prove that you didn’t do any violations before.

You need to prove that you have clean violation record for last 18 months. If you prove these that means you can attend to the traffic school. So if you’re eligible to attend this please attend it’s actually so beneficial to you. So is all people that didn’t violate traffic can attend to it this is another question that people have. Actually everyone with no violation can’t attend that’s actual thing. So if you’re driving a commercial vehicle you can’t actually attend to the driving school. Or if your job is transporting hazard materiel you also can’t attend to the driving school. These actual rules that made to keep road safety on high standards. Also if you have cases for alcohol or for drugs. It also will keep you away from attending to traffic school. But if you allowed to attend I really recommends that you must attend.

Traffic School quiz 2 explained simply step by step

What this mean you might think this is the most important question set that you get at traffic school. So if you attend to a school you will get exams. Like that traffic school also have we going to look up for the main question line that you get in this exam. And it question number two the most important question set. So let see what are they and the answers. First set will be true or false question set.

The driver of a vehicle shall yield right of way to a pedestrian crossing the road within any marked crosswalk or within an unmarked crosswalk- quiz 1

So for this question answer is True. Let’s fact check about this quiz. So if you’re driving a vehicle and come across with a pedestrian that crossing the road. Using a marked or unmarked crosswalk should you need yield right of to the pedestrian. Yes you should because pedestrian is using a crosswalk and pedestrian has all rights to be safe on crosswalk. And you’re duty id to provide safety to the pedestrian. If you break this law it will not end on a ticket you might be on jail for some time. So understand that pedestrian has all rights on the cross walk.

Your ability to drive safely has nothing to do with your emotional state- quiz 2

For this question answer is False. If we fact check your emotional state actually matters when you’re driving. To drive safely you need to be in good emotional state. Your mind must be set to driving and you don’t want to get distracted when you’re driving. And you don’t want to drive while you’re crying a simple mistake can lead you to an accident. Also you don’t want to risk your and others life’s on danger. And you in mood that you want go hurry you need make your mood to I need to go safely. So now you know the answer and the reasons for that.

Best way to communicate with other drivers on the road is to use a cell phone- quiz 3

This question answer is also False. Ill explain the reason for this. Think you also driving a car and your friend also and driving and you decide to talk to him. So you get a call to your friend that something that least want to do. Calling someone that driving can end in fatal crashes. Just a split second of distraction can end a driver’s life. So if you’re driving and you taking a call can put your life in risk. Why we need our life to be on risk for a phone call. Did you know that most reported reason to driver’s deaths is this. So please don’t risk your life.

Getting enough rest is not essential for performing to one’s potential- quiz 4 Of Traffic school quiz 2 

Answer to this question is False. So the reason why this is false no one can’t perform well if they don’t have any rest. The thing is if you think you can perform well in driving without rest that’s actually a lie. No one can’t perform well if they don’t rest. You can get sleepy and drive off the road and get into an accident. There so many things that can happen. So the main thing while driving is the rest. So the main questions are over in the traffic school quiz 2. There are 3 more questions I’m not going to explain them. Because the reasons for them are the same. I will give answers for them.

Quiz 5 you can detect any hazards that might affect your driving by looking ______ ahead. The answer to the blank is 10-15 seconds.

Quiz 6 what is the best thing to do when you feel you’re about to fall asleep at the wheel. For this question the answer is pull over and rest. As I said you need rest if you’re driving. This is the all questions answers so let’s talk more what you need to know while driving.

Getting distracted is one of the factors associated with fatal crashes.

So I is selected distraction because I describe distraction on the quiz too. And as another reason this is one of the highest reported fact. First let’s see why you get distract while driving. So sometimes you might get distracted while driving because incoming call. Or something that happening on the road most people get distracted while they searching on the road while driving. This reasons can lead you into a deadly crash. You might be looking at your phone or looking around and suddenly car in front of you press brakes. You don’t know they push breaks. And you will clash with that vehicle putting their and your life in danger. About one of every ten drivers get distract while driving this’s a proven fact. And one driver dies in every 10 accidents most of them are teenagers.

Among those killed teenage drivers have the highest rate of reason. Drive while using cellphone. Distraction is the most reported reason fatal crashes. So as I say don’t get distract while driving be safe and responsible. So today I explained about traffic school quiz 2 and many more. I hope that you got the idea. And I hope we will see again. See you in the next article.

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