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So today we are talking about volkswagen touareg off road mode.So before we going to the article we need to talk about the vehicle. Volkswagen founded the German Workers’ Front in Berlin in 1937 by the Deutsche Arbeitsfront. Cars were so luxurious in the early 1930s that most Germans could only afford a motorcycle, and only one in 50 Germans owned a car. In search of new potential markets, some automakers have launched their own “popular car” projects: the Mercedes 170H, the BMW 3/15, the Adler AutoBahn, the Steyr 55 and the Hanomag 1.3L.

The upward trend has not begun; Bela Barenyi, a pioneering automotive engineer, introduced the original design in the mid-1920s. In Germany, Hanomag mass-produced the Kommissbrot with a power of 2/10 hp. with a small and economical rear engine from 1925 to 1928. In addition, in Czechoslovakia, Hans Ledwinka’s Tatra T77 is very popular among the Germans. Elite, smaller and more affordable with each new version. Ferdinand Porsche, a well-known designer of luxury and racing cars, has been trying for years to interest the manufacturer in a small car suitable for a family.

Volkswagen touareg off road mode

The center console of the 2014 Volkswagen Touareg dominated by a golf ball-sized button with two settings: On-Road and Off-Road. I felt like the intriguing mind of the truck was itching to know what it really was, so we set up our test in Touré mud for a little off-road spying and investigation. “Off Road Mode” is an aggressive low speed control and activation of special settings for ESC, ASR, EDL and ABS. For those who don’t speak ‘TLA’, it has electronic stability control, vibration control, electronic differential lock and, of course, anti-lock brakes.

The electronic traction response is tuned for maximum smoothness at low speeds. And the brakes on the automatic transmission are more effective. The spinning wheels are individually braked and the power is transferred to the point of vibration. It shows an image of the SUV, the steering angle, and a small screen between the main gauges with “OFF ROAD” written on it.

The 2014 Touareg has no fewer gears, but this V6 turbodiesel makes 406 lb-ft of torque and you’re not short on power. You can enable “Off-Road Mode” while flying, but Hill Descent Control will only activate at speeds under 20 mph. Adjustable air suspension is not available in the US market Touareg this year.

Vehicle Specifications

 Approach and exit angles are a reasonable 26˚, lean angle is 21˚ and maximum ground clearance is 7.9″. Wading depth 22.8″; More than two inches longer than the 2014 Jeep Ground Grand Cherokee, we drove the Touareg TDI fifty yards across the river and even popped the fog lights into the water with no problem, including turning around in three places and posing for photos. We felt like we were slipping for a few seconds, but the Touareg didn’t really think about driving slowly through shallow water.

Land where this vehicle can be driven

 In fact, this vehicle crossed the ice sheet at the shallow end of the river. But when our front wheels started spinning like Scooby-Doo’s legs, we were able to back up very easily. The Touareg slate was able to climb up the piles, exacerbated by the slipperiness of the rain. But it wasn’t easy, the SUV needed propulsion and was more interested in digging underwater surfaces than climbing. With the exception of the all-season tires, the biggest disappointment here was the roll angle; The ride height reading from the wheelbase is not accurate enough to make a comfortable climb up a mountain that excites you.

Volkswagen touareg off road mode – The 2014 version of this car.

When it comes to luxury SUVs, the 2014 Touareg TDI is an excellent all-terrain vehicle. I do not think it can beat the big Land Rovers, but the mpg 29 on the freeway is a fair justification for that as far as I understand. Here in the northeast, you are more likely to drive on the tarmac to find a dirt road. Before you get your tires dirty anyway. Speaking of tires, Beefier tires will definitely help the Touareg handle solid roads. But the lack of maximum pronunciation and low range will keep them away from technical avenues. Class IV bikes, bumpy roads and river crossings prevent Touareg from having a good time, making it perfect for casual adventures.

Volkswagen touareg off road mode – Snow driving

In deep snow the Touareg breaks without any problems. Another advantage of a reliable diesel engine. I ran across the powder to the hubs, stopping on the way up. Then do not take the shovel out. On windy mountain dirt roads that have never been swept away, the decent control of the off-roader made it easy to drive the car like on dry land. As long as you can keep it under 20.

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