following statement about blind spots

Today we going to talk about which of the following statement about blind spots is true explained. There some statement about the blind spot that some are incorrect. Before us going to talk about the statement we need to understand what blind spot is. So let’s see what the blind spot actually is. If you think why we going to talk about the blind spot the reason is. There might be people that don’t know about the blind spot. For those people we need to talk about the blind spot. Blind spot is an actually something driver need know. The knowledge of the blind spot is actually crucial. This is something that drivers must mastered in. blind spot of vehicle is something that you should worry when you’re driving. Knowing what is the blind spot is you can prevent accidents by happening. Let’s see what is actually blind spot is.

So what blind spot actually is let me explain about that. Blind spot is the area of the road that you can’t see while driving. It can be while you looking forward through your winds screen. Or it can be by the side or rear mirrors. So this is how we can describe what blind spot is. Another thing that people ask is every vehicle have a blind spot. The answer is yes every vehicle has a blind spot there no vehicles that doesn’t have a blind spot. Why blind spot is important you ask. If you don’t watch your blind spots while driving you might get to an accident. So the next question is how big is blind spot is. Blind spot easily can block a car, cyclists, motor bike or even a pedestrian from your view range. And there is two main blind spot in a car.

Which of the following statement about blind spots is true explained

Why blind spot is dangers

So now we going to talk why blind spot is actually dangerous. Why blind spots are dangerous if we ask the answer is quite simple but you need a better understanding. The reason why blind sots are dangerous is they prevent you from noticing the hazards on the road. Not only for you blind spot prevent hazards that will cause to other people from your vision too. For an example you will turn your vehicle into another vehicle. Or another vehicle will turn into you because of the blind spot. In this both situations blind spot the mainly prevent you or the other driver from seeing each other. So the most crucial blind spot is between cargo trucks and the motor cycles. Because of the size of the motor bikes they might be not seeing in the blind spots. Why motor bikes are the crucial in this situations.

Think that you’re a cargo truck driver and you’re sitting on a traffic. In the traffic you can’t move your vehicle but on the other hand bikes can move around. Bikes can move in the traffics and one of bikes come to side of your truck. The bike driver will see your vehicle but because of the blind spot you can’t see him. So when you can move your vehicle you will start it and move. But you don’t see the biker next to you. So without knowing that biker is next to you will move your vehicle. Unfortunately because of the blind spot of the truck biker will get in to an accident. This kind of accidents can end up badly. Not only for bikers, pedestrians also can be blocked by the blind spot. Losing life because of blind spot actually can happen that’s why blind spot is dangerous.

What you can do for the blind spot

The next question is what you can do to the blind spot. There actually no way to fix the blind spot, this is common thing for every single vehicle. One thing that you can do is. Be careful while driving your vehicle. Now that you know there is a blind spot on the car you can beware of that. You also can check regularly about your blind spot. You can look over the blind spot and make sure there nothing in there. But you can’t always do this in bad weather situation this cannot be done. Or you can try the “Platzer method” to do this easily. You can search this up and learn easily. Another thing that you can do is attending to expert driving in driving school. These are the few things that you can do to prevent blind spot.

Check traffic ahead in the both through both review mirrors

This is also another thing that you should do while driving. Checking the both lines through both review mirrors. Whenever you trying to change lanes on the road you need to check the review mirror. Not only the side that you change the lane you need to watch the both sides. Not only while changing the lane even when you’re entering a road you should watch the both review mirrors. If you’re in a traffic man thing is checking the review mirrors. By doing this you can prevent some accident before happening them.

So now we talked about which of the following statement about blind spots is true explained. I think that you got the idea. So see you soon with another article.

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